Split Square Progress

In between my sewing for the mystery I’ve been tackling Country Threads’ Split Square quilt along.  When I last left you I was to the point that I thought I might “grow” this quilt…as in make it bigger.  The pattern is from Country Threads’ new book. In my box were 50 read and 57 white.

It’s grown.

It has actually grown a lot.

I worked one night for about two hours and my piles grew to this….


From there I put in another shorter night and ended up with these.


Once these are all ironed, I think I’ll have enough to start sewing the top together.

I do have to make a small confession here.  Originally the pattern called for using 1 1/2″ pieces for the center and then called for cutting the pieces down to 4 1/2″ square once the block was complete.  Well I hate trimming.  If I can avoid extra work and still end up with a similar result, I’m going for it!!

So, I cut my pieces the 2 1/2″ x 5″ like the pattern said but the center strip I cut at one inch.  Now my block will be square without having to trim it down….call me lazy.  The block will have a similar look as the original but the stripe in the middle of the block will be narrower and my block with be 5″ x 5″ instead of 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.


I originally started focusing mostly on red and cream.  I have since added brown to the mix.  Here’s a little sampling of what it’s looking like.


I’m happy with it and think it will make a fine quilt to gift.

This has been so fun to grab something quick and easy.  No stress sewing is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

To learn more about the sew along with Country Threads follow this link.

6 thoughts on “Split Square Progress”

  1. Love this idea and not having to trim it down is easier for me also. I must admit that I wish I had some time to sew but not much is going to happen this week. I think your use of brown will make this really interesting when it is done.

  2. It’s looking great so far. And really, who ever said, “I sure wish I had some trimming to do.” instead of “Let’s get sewing!”?!

  3. I have never seen the point of making a piece larger than needed just so you can trim it down to a correct size. It irritates me all to heck. Just start with better sizes of pieces!

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