Kalissa was working a 12 hour day shift.  Craig who is a farm machinery mechanic got called out on an after hours service call to help a farmer.  That left me taking care of Carver longer than expected….so what’s a Grandma to do?

Give that boy a bath!


I knew with them both running late, it would be hard to sneak one in.

He is going to the doctor today.  He is finally getting tubes put in for his ears.


I am actually so happy it’s happening.  The hope is that this will all help with the asthma type things he gets that he just can’t seem to kick.


My oh my, he loves a bath.


Me…I ended up wet but very happy.  I’m so glad I get to play a role in his care.  He really is special to me!

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  1. There is nothing like being a grandma. I have 2 little guys 3 and 22 months. I get to be with them twice a week to help at night while mom works and dad does online school. I have been with them every step of the way and treasure my time with them. I know you feel the same. He is so darn cute!

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