Special Dogs at the Rescue

We have two dogs that have been with our rescue for some time. They are great dogs but need a special home where they can get some TLC to help them feel comfortable.

First up we have Brandy.

She was released from a breeder back in March. After some checking, we realized she was likely pregnant. Off to the vet, she went and indeed, she was pregnant.

Brandy got some much-needed TLC including a grooming while we waited for the puppies to arrive.

She went into labor on March 15th.

This is what was posted on the HEART Animal Rescue page:
Last night around 12:35 am, Brandy was ready to start delivery. By 12:44, the emergency vet was on the phone! The placenta had separated in the birth canal, causing abnormal bloody discharge. This is an emergency for that pup, Brandy, and any other pups! Grabbed Brandy and headed to Decorah Veterinary Clinic.

C-Section was done and Brandy had 3 puppies. Unfortunately, the stuck boy puppy did not make it💔 She had a healthy Merle girl and a 2nd boy who has a cleft lip.

We do not have a tube-feeding foster at this time, so we contacted Secondhand Hounds about taking our handsome little cleftie boy into their neonatal program where they specialize in helping puppies/dogs
with clefts. Arrangements were made for transport this morning and he is in awesome hands!! He’s a strong, active boy already, so he will keep them on their toes!

Brandy is recovering from a very hard couple of days. She is not ready quite yet to accept her pup, but hopefully, in the next day or two she will feel better and her strong motherly instincts will resurface. Until then, her foster mom is on bottle duty.

The bright side to this is that this happened in a foster home and not a cage where she likely would not have gotten the emergency help she and the pups needed

It turns out that Brandy wasn’t cut out for mothering and her milk quality wasn’t able to sustain her pup so the remaining pup was bottle-fed. That pup has since been adopted by one of our volunteers.

Brandy was later fixed and gave us all a bit of a health scare. She is all better now and her pup has grown so Brandy is ready to strike out on her own.

Here is her description from Petfinder:
Brandy is a 6-year-old female Cocker Spaniel. She will turn 7 in June. She was a breeder release.

She is very sweet and active. She just melts when she’s being petted and getting attention. She gets very excited for meal time and gets small treats when put in her pen.

Brandy is still learning about life as a pet and can be skittish about noises or movements. She is working on walking on a leash with confidence. In the house, she likes to play with toys. She also really enjoys safe bones and chews. She currently lives amongst 4 other dogs and learning very fast how to have fun with them. She is not considered fully potty trained, however, she does super well being taken out regularly.
She will need a fenced yard at her forever home.

Children make her more nervous due to activity and noises, so no small kids in the home for her comfort.
She is fine with dogs but does not care for them in her face or getting invasive. She has not been around cats. She would also be fine in a home with no other pets as long as she had human attention and toys.

She needs a home where she is not left for long hours. She will need to be kenneled at night or when people are gone, so an 8-hour day is too long after being kenneled all night. She will also need regular grooming.
If interested in adopting Brandy, please submit an application at www.heartrescueteam.com

Her adoption fee is $300 and includes her spay, vaccinations, current flea/tick preventative, current Heartgard, negative HW/Lyme test, negative fecal, and care while with HEART

Brandy deserves a home where she can be loved and cared for. She was released from the puppy mill. She did her duty as a mom and now it’s time for this sweet girl to enjoy her retirement years.

Are you retired and looking for a special someone to share those years with? Brandy just might be your girl. If you have questions about Brandy I can hook you up with the foster family and they can answer all of your questions.

This girl needs a permanent home. She’s been in limbo long enough. If you yourself can’t help Brandy, please share this with someone who might be able to.

The next dog we have that needs a forever home is Fritz. He too is a pretty cocker spaniel.

Fritz came to HEART a year ago. He was a puppy mill release. Here he is the day he came to us.

He cleaned up nicely. He really is a handsome guy.

Unfortunately, the puppy mill left this handsome boy with a few scars we cannot see.

Fritz is skittish. He startles easily.

He is a most beautiful deep chocolate color.

Fritz is a hazard for running off so a fenced yard is essential.

Here is Fritz’s description:

Meet Fritz, a 1.5-year-old male Cocker Spaniel who has captured our hearts since he joined our rescue team last June. Fritz had an extreme fear of humans and handling when he arrived, but with time and patience, he has been making remarkable progress. We wanted to share his story and find the perfect forever home for this amazing boy.

Fritz is a loving and playful dog, but he does come with some quirks. It’s almost like having two different dogs with his extreme happiness and extreme fear. We must stress that we cannot fully explain Fritz in this post, so we encourage further conversations with any approved applicants.

Let’s start with the positives: Fritz LOVES kids and is not afraid of them at all. He’s also extremely tolerant of other dogs and has been fine around cats. He enjoys toys, chews, food, snuggles, pets, and zoomies outside. Fritz is kennel trained, potty trained (as long as he gets regular bathroom breaks), and leash/harness trained. However, it’s important to note that going for walks or venturing outside can still be scary for him.

Now, let’s talk about the challenges: Fritz starts off afraid and will need time to learn to trust you. This process may take several weeks, and he will likely always be afraid of visiting adults unless he sees them often. In these situations, he will retreat to his safe place. Due to his fear issues, Fritz would not be a good candidate for boarding or doggy daycare.

Once Fritz becomes comfortable, he can be hyper and jumpy. Underneath all of his fear is a young, extremely playful, and lively Spaniel! He will likely show this side of him immediately around other dogs.

Fritz needs a home that is secure inside and out. This means managing doorways so he cannot bolt out, as he is fast and stealthy! A secure physical fence is a must for him. He would not be a good fit for anyone who cannot tolerate or handle being jumped up at. Training and corrections should be approached carefully to maintain his trust.

If you think you could provide the loving and secure home that Fritz needs, please apply at www.heartrescueteam.com. His adoption fee is $250, and he is fully vetted and microchipped.

If you are someone who enjoys working with dogs and seeing those rags-to-riches moments where you can see the time and training paid off, Fritz might be your guy.

Both of these dogs are sweet and loveable…they just need that special someone. No dogs should be in foster homes as long as these two have. It’s time for them to be in their own family with their own special attention. If you know anyone, or if it’s you, please consider adopting Fritz. HERE is the link to the application form. Again, if you have questions I can get you in contact with the foster family.

I know someone will ask so I’ll just put this here. If you want to help but can’t adopt, you can help sponsor their adoption fees by donating HERE. Just put in the Memo, “for Brandy’s adoption fee”, or “for Fritz’s adoption fee”.

As always, please share this post with any of your friends that might be interested.

9 thoughts on “Special Dogs at the Rescue”

  1. Sharon Browne

    It is pitiful that because of human behavior, these poor dogs had such a tough life and some of them never recover.

  2. Sandra Libert

    Where are you located? I have four wonderful Cavaliers and a large fenced. Would like to help if possible.

    1. We are in NE Iowa. We serve the SW section of Wisconsin and the the SE portion of Minnesota too. Of course anyone can adopt from anywhere. Over half of our adoptions do to places outside our service area.

    1. We are in NE Iowa. We serve the SW section of Wisconsin and the the SE portion of Minnesota too. Of course anyone can adopt from anywhere. Over half of our adoptions do to places outside our service area.

  3. So hard to hear about these sad cases but know their futures will be so much better. I so hope these two dogs get adopted soon.

  4. Interestingly enough these dogs have good confirmation. which i would not have expected of puppy mill animals. Not in the area for having one of the animals or the right age. Quite our favorite dogs though.

  5. Your loving posts about dogs in need bring tears. I have a rescue who delights and provides constant companionship. One is all I can do, but I hope each of your rescues find a fur-ever home. You do good work Jo….thank you.

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