Special Delivery!!

WOW.  I have been overwhelmed with an incoming delivery.  A week or two ago I got an email from a blog reader, Jan.  She wrote:

Dear Jo,
My friend and I have cleaned our sewing rooms. And we have lots of tops and fabric. You name it, we have it. 

We are planning to be in Iowa this week, Thursday and Friday. Would it work for you if we drop it off. We can leave it on your porch. There is too much to ship.”

I said sure.  I’m always up for a porch drop.  Sadly they came on the Thursday I had all of the doctor appointments so I didn’t get to meet them.  I came home to a porch drop.  Oh my.  Look at ALL of this…

There are a couple of totes behind this too.  Oh my!

I decided to go through the boxes right away as the next day I had some people from a local quilt group coming my way.  I figured if I had it sorted, maybe they could take some of this with them to use in their charity quilting.

The first box I opened was all batiks.

Just look at all of them.

The front of the table was mostly smaller pieces, a layer cake here or there, small oddly cut pieces, or extra wide strips.  I ended up throwing that into a box and I’ll sort through that more later.  Charity groups are typically hoping to sew quilts quickly and working with miscellaneous pieces can slow them down…and I’ve learned, many people don’t like sewing with scraps.  I know I sure do!

This was all yardage or fat quarters.

Here is what was in the next box.  There were some fun bird prints on the left.  I pulled them out for the Cresco ladies.  Sandra will love them I’m sure.  There were some kits.  Some of these will be on an upcoming postage auction.  You’ll see more of them then.

This tote was all pieces and a pattern for a double wedding ring quilt.  Is anyone interested in it?  I’ve made three double wedding ring quilts to date and have one planned in the future and although I love them, I don’t want to sew any more of them.

Here are some of the already cut pieces.

This tote was everything to make… chenille baby quilts.

This was the contents of the next box…

There were sheets and flannel.  I saved all of that out for my friend who makes the baby care kits.

There were other goodies too…

This whole bag was filled with patterns.  Many were a block of the month series.  I can’t decide if I should pass them on or offer them on an auction.  Are these anything one of you might be interested in?

This was the next box…

More patterns…wow!

This sloth panel was super cute.  I put that in the basket for the Cresco ladies.  There were other fun prints too.

This was mostly project leftovers…

I passed the red, white, and blue fabric to Ray.  He’s been trying to make a few Quilts of Valor.  He appreciated the goodies.  There was a big bag of black and white scraps.

This was a big pretty quilt top.  Note that one block was twisted.  Check the middle right if you didn’t catch it.  I have done this so many times.  I passed this one to Ronda.  She didn’t have a problem with taking the block out, rotating it, and finishing the quilt.

These will likely make their way into baby quilts…

There was a bunch of smaller pieces that appeared to be leftovers.  They are always welcome as they make great starts to quilts…especially baby quilts.

This one was simple but fun…I found a few more of these blocks when sorting and put them all together.  Whoever finishes this might want to make it bigger.

More flannel…yahoo!!

Next up are some quilt tops and two bigger cuts of fabric.

Here are the quilt tops…This one looks like it might be one of those 3-yard quilts.

I am betting this one was a block of the month…

I love the soft colors of this one…

Another block of the month??

The next on is very kid friendly.  The Decorah ladies took this one.

I loved this one.  How pretty.  I think this is an Atkinson Design pattern.  In the mix, I found a couple of extra strips.  I put them with the quilt and passed this one to a finisher.  She can decide if she wants to add the extra rows or not.

Lots of scraps and goodies here…

I ended up taking the batik bag on the right.  The colors fit in with the bonus triangles I am trying to use up.  These should be perfect to mix with what I have…use it up, right??

Here was another big box of goods.  The bolt of fabric is a corduroy but it is super soft and lightweight.  The Decorah ladies plan to use it to backing for Lutheran World Relief quilts.  I think it will be perfect for that.

There was a bunch of silky fabrics…I can’t think of an outlet for these.  Does anyone have an idea on how we could put these to use?

More flannel.  That’s always appreciated.

Here was a bunch of smaller cuts of fabric.  I pulled the green/black one as Sandra from the Cresco ladies asked me to pull anything leafy or grassy in green.   She had a panel that needed a complimentary fabric so she could finish it.

Here were more goodies…

This is the top that was in the kit.

There was a lot of camping fabric.  I tried to collect it and put it together.  I found more after this picture was taken.

Check out the bright Unicorn fabric!!

There were smaller scraps and goodies.  Check out the bacon print on the lower left.  Who doesn’t love BACON!!

As I pulled things out and snapped pictures, I would have sworn that the fabrics were multiplying as I pulled things out.  There were so many great prints.

I pulled out the dinosaur fabric thinking in case I would need to make Carver or the kids more masks, this would be great.

These were all bigger cuts of fabric.  I immediately packaged up a few of these as I got a note from community quilt finisher Ronda.  She is #2 HERE on the finisher list.  Ronda is low on backing options for finishing quilts.  Does anyone have any backing fabric they can part with and pass on to Ronda?  I sent her a few pieces but Ronda finishes so many quilts, she needs more.

There were more goodies.  Some patterns, some kits.

More scrappy goodies…I was wondering if the florals were being collected to make the dress form pattern in the photo above.

It is always fun to go through donations and sort.  Sometimes what goes together is obvious.  Sometimes, I have not a clue.

The fabrics in the bag were all lightweight almost suede fabric.  I didn’t know if a quilt could be made from them or not.  It could easily work in a sewing machine but to make a quilt…maybe not.

That was all of it.  Oh my.  Can you believe it?  I was sure amazed.

I am so sorry I missed the gals when they dropped the goodies off.  I looked and Jan had left her phone number in the original note she sent.  It was from an area code from Eastern Wisconsin.  Hmm.  People say that when coming they experience “Iowa nice”.  I guess there is plenty of nice in our neighboring state Wisconsin too!  Thanks, gals!!

30 thoughts on “Special Delivery!!”

  1. Dianne Holcombe

    My boxes should be there next week. I hope they don’t totally overwhelm you after this batch. Please don’t feel that you have to photograph all of mine unless you’re a glutton for punishment! Take care, love and prayers! Dianne

  2. Wow, nice fabrics. Love all the batiks and so many wonderful children’s fabrics and patterns too. People know you will put everything to good use. Just when your week is miserable someone makes you smile. That is what life is all about.

  3. Jo that was some haul the ladies left you. If the suede is doe suede I have made a couple of quilts from doe suede. Rather than quilting I tied the quilts. I think they would made suitable lap quilts, nap time quilts, or couch throws.

    Bless you for all the good you do.

    1. Judith Fairchild

      if there’s enough of the silky fabric someone might like it to make a special dress for prom or wedding. The soft suede makes excellent jackets. If you decide to auction it I’m interested.

  4. Hi Jo, I think the one that you thought is an Atkinson design, is actually a Gudrun sew along from the beginning of the pandemic, the name of the pattern – Elvira. What a lovely porch drop for you to sort through and pass along so that all of it can be used!

  5. I think you should keep anything that tickles your fancy. You do so much for others whatever you decide to keep just view as a gift for you. Perhaps the silky material to someone who makes clothing.

  6. What a great bunch of stuff!! So good of you to sort it and distribute to others. You are doing a great service, thanks, Jo!!

  7. OMG. YOu need to invite Kalissa and Kelly over to go through it all again and sort and iron. Flannel can make good backings for mission quilts if its big enough. We cut ours into 10 1/2″ squares and piece them together and attach to a backing. You are blessed!

  8. Loved looking at the haul. Quilters are such givers and sharers! So glad there are so many charity quilts to be made from it!
    Love and prayers

  9. Hi Jo! Wow! That was a lot of fabric! you do such a great job sorting and deciding where it will go! Could the silk fabrics be used for Angel (bereavement) gowns? Is there any groups in your area that make them? Have a great weekend!!

  10. In my will I have designated what my family doesn’t want, and none sew, it be donated to a person or place such as yourself that will make donation items.

  11. Such generosity – and Jan and her friend certainly know the right person (you, Jo…) that will continue the gesture! Love that you make sure these things get placed in the right hands to brighten someone’s life!

  12. That suede would be nice for wheelchair quilts. The old crazy quilts used a combination of fabrics and those silky ones would be pretty combined with some of the suede scraps using the decorative embroidery stitches. I don’t know if anybody still makes things like that but they were beautiful and a good way to use up scraps of fancy fabrics like satin and velvet.

  13. THAT is some cleanout of 2 studios! Wowser. Thank you ladies. Many many quilts will made and donated to warm those in need.

    It really does take a village to care for the community and Jo, you have an AMAZING village built through your blog.

    Heart you all!

  14. Kristina Wilkinson

    Jo – you continue to amaze me with all you do and how much you can process through. I know that you just sent the hourglass blocks to me but if you don’t have anywhere else to send the wedding ring quilt stuff I would be interested. Let me know. K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  15. the silky fabrics. Do you have a high school in your area that puts on plays? they might want them for costumes.

  16. Wow! How generous they were to give you all that – and there will be so many quilts made and lives blessed because of what they did to start with. Those suede-like pieces? If I’m not mistaken I suspect those fabrics are washable (just hang up to dry), so would be easy to care for. I’d cut larger blocks of 8-10″ of either simple blocks or half square triangles/churn dash, etc., and sew all the colors together and make picnic or trunk quilts – using just flannel on the back, and tie together or just very simple echo stitching. Everybody needs a quilt or two like that to store in the trunk.

  17. I’m making a couple black and white quilts. I’d be interested in that bag. I’d be happy to contribute to the mailing fund for it.

    What great fun to go through all that!

  18. Michelle Chadima

    The one you thought might be an Atkinson Design is “Elvira” by GE Designs (Gudrun Erla) She did it as a quilt-along during the lockdowns, but it’s now for sale as a pattern, just FYI

  19. Wow, what generosity! Definitely interested in the patterns- the bom ones from FQS are probably worth quite a bit- do an auction and I’m sure they’d sell! :)

  20. Wow, they did a good job cleaning up there sewing spaces, lots of odd and ends and some wonderful fabrics will find a new home and be used. How kind of them both. I also appreciate how much you help spread the love Jo, sorting, shipping and keeping all the pieces moving.

  21. Virginia Grenier

    As for the silky/satiny fabrics… do you have a live theatre production house near you? They usually have a costume designer on a limited budget who would LOVE to receive free fabrics to work with.

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