Special Deliveries

A week or so ago I got an email from a local gal that reads the blog and has been to the retreats we’ve hosted, Doreen.  She is very active in the Quilt of Valor program.

She had ordered some cookies from an online cookie company.  The order wasn’t what Doreen expected.  She called the company and they fixed her order and told her to donate the cookies on to a good cause….well she picked my childcare!  How cool is that?

Best yet…she delivered!!

The kids were so excited about them.  They had the best time picking the cookie they most wanted to eat.

Doreen brought even more goodies. See??

More goodies for the kids and for me too.  How sweet!

REDS!!!  How did she know?  (just teasing…I say red is my favorite ALL THE TIME)  The fabrics were all so fun and appreciated.  Remember I’m on the “fabric diet”?  (Read about that here if you missed it)  So far I haven’t bought any full priced fabric since the spring.  I’ve bought from auctions and thrift stores though.

These fun goodies will keep me busy…and the things in the photo below will keep the childcare kiddos busy.

It was so sweet of Doreen to think of the kids and me.  I so appreciate that.

We had another special delivery here…this one came from Ann.  She’s another local gal I know.  She’s getting ready for a remodel and was cleaning out her sewing space.

I was gone one night.  When I got home Hubby said, “Ann called.  She wants to know if you want fabric”.

I asked what he told her…”Well I said you weren’t home and she could call tomorrow?” …I said you didn’t say YES!

I messaged her and we made arrangements for her to come the next day.

OH MY WORD…can you say fabric.  She was cleaning out.  She had tried her hand at quilting…hoped to get her daughter quilting…made and sold some crafts and she decided she was done.

She knew I did charity things and decided to pass it my way.  OH MY.  Look at all this….

The yarn went to a local lady that makes hats for Samaritans Purse and Lutheran World Relief layettes.  Lots of hats can be made with this….
The batting I’ll keep here.  It is hard to pass that along to anyone.  I’ll use it for the charity quilts I machine quilt..
Ann wasn’t specific that it all had to go to charity….she said do whatever you want with it.

Kelli was home one weekend and we sorted and sorted and sorted.  Ann had already done an amazing job in that department. She had sorted like fabric to like fabric.  We sorted as to which charity would get which fabric.  In the process Kelli kept back a bag of fabric that would work great in eye spy quilts.  She’s hoping to make a few down the road.

With all that fabric Kelli kept about a half a tote bag…the rest all went on to charity.  There was Christmas, sports, Valentines, polka dots, stripes…some in most every fabric category you could think of.

Ann’s gift of fabric was AMAZING.

I love that people in the area think of us with their fabric gifts.  I love being a link in the chain that gets fabric to those who will make the best use of it.

THANKS ANN and DOREEN.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness.

4 thoughts on “Special Deliveries”

  1. Ann’s collection of bags of fabric looks like what I’ve been p assing onto a lady who is associated with 3 different charities in my area. I’m still making quilts, just dropping out of the SABLE club. (Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expediency). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the previous comment about the SABLE Club! Nice to know no longer required stuff is being passed on to worthy causes. The spirit of Christmas!

  3. Wow! lots of treasures in those bags. How wonderful that you were called and could pass it around to others. Quilters are the best

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