Special Boxes

Having five children in a four bedroom house was always a challenge.  The bedrooms here aren’t especially big either.  One was 9 x 12 and another was even smaller.

As the kids grew up and left home, they had to clean out their bedrooms.  The room could no longer we theirs as there was a younger sibling waiting in the wings for their chance at their own bedroom with no room mate.   Completely cleaning out a room is hard.  Kids aren’t ready to part with their childhood treasures and even if they were, they have no place at a college dorm to keep it all.  Thus we invented a special box.  A special box was where they kept childhood memorabilia.  With the eventual move coming along we told the kiddos when they were home this weekend that anyone of the kids who lives in a house was required to take their special boxes home.

Kelli and Buck laughed at the other kids thinking all those boxes in our basement were not theirs.  Not true.  Most of the boxes in the basement were theirs!!  Kelli was pretty sad.  She thought she had all of her stuff at home already…NOT.  She had four totes of goodies.

There were giggles and smiles and lots of “what the heck” reactions from them as they unearthed goodies…

The blue suitcase on top of the tote was the start of Kayla’s attempt to make 1000 paper cranes.

Kayla found her Kara doll…and Mousey.

and the Raggedy Ann doll I made her.

All smell a little musty and basement like but they were still loved.

Kelli and Kayla couldn’t decide what to do with the Barbies.  They had a large tote of them mixed up together.  They thought about splitting them up but then decided that it might just be best if they turned into Barbies for my house.  I’m fine with that….

It’s fun to see what the kids treasure…it’s fun to see them pick up their childhood doll and squeal…”KARA…there you are!!”

We ended up sorting through a few things but there is still lots more to sort before we’ll ever be ready to move.

5 thoughts on “Special Boxes”

  1. Small world. My lovely girl also attempted to make 1000 paper cranes when she was a teenager. She had a block of 3″ sq note paper and would take a chunk to school to fold cranes when she had a few seconds. She made 650 and then got bored – such is life for teenagers I suppose. I still have a few of them.
    Regards from cool, but sunny England.

  2. My mother use to send things home every time came home. Bit by bit we finally got it all.
    Then she started sending thing home with the grand kids. Little by little she got rid of stuff ans some how it ended up and our houses. Funny!

  3. My son lives at college. When he’s home for the summers all his stuff comes home too. He takes what he can but I wouldn’t even know what to do with the rest. His door stays closed. I hate looking at it. Liking the idea of memory boxes. Maybe then I can get his room in order. I’m sure other parents feel the same way!!

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