SOS: Quilt Tops Finishers Needed

I have an SOS call to all quilt finishers or want to be quilt finishers.

The Cresco Ladies were by and dropped off two totes of quilt tops.  I love them and am thrilled to get them but, I have a laundry basket of tops here that didn’t get sent out in December so I am over-full of tops.  I got behind in December and didn’t get any sent out.  If you asked for tops and I didn’t get any to you, please ask again.  I’ll get some to you.

That is after sending out these two big packages to Karen and Traci.

and it’s after setting aside two big boxes to take to the ladies in Decorah.

So, are there any finishers out there or want to be finishers out there that could use quilt tops?  All you need to do is finish them, send me a few pictures of the finished quilts, and tell me where you donated them to.  It’s awesome if you can write a sentence or two about the quilts too but that’s all you need to commit to…there is no timeline.  Of course, 6 months would be nice but we all know life happens.

If you can help me out, please drop me a note at

Here are a few that I pulled from the totes.  There are several cuties in the bunch.  There were quite a few tops that would work great for boys… Sharks…

Panda bears…

The quilt tops aren’t always fancy but very cute and with some longarm work, they will shine.

This was a creative way to use this print.

This was a quick and cute way to use a small panel piece.

Sandra who does a lot of the organizing for the group said they often get together and have themed sewing days.  I think this must have been sports-themed fabric day!

It’s busy but it’s a kind of busy that I love!!

This one blends with my floor which makes it hard to see.

More sports-themed fabrics…

Here is one with wild animals…so I am wondering if they had animal and sports-themed sewing days.

if you can help with quilt tops, contact me  I would love to get down to only one tote of tops here.  I don’t have garage space to store them all besides, if they are stored here, they aren’t getting out to people in need.

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  1. Jo I would like to finish more baby quilts to donate to the pregnancy support center. BOY quilts are especially needed at this time. I sent you pictures and descriptions of the last six baby quilts I completed and donated, but I haven’t seen them on your blog. Could you check your September emails and see if you have them? Thanks in advance!

    1. Diane L Merghart

      I would love to help. We are a group of 16 women that come together and make prayer quilts for the sick and elderly. We do not charge for these quilts. We only ask the circumstances of the person in order to personalize the card that goes with the quilt. We would be honored to accept some of these toppers. God bless.

  2. Hi Jo I would be happy to finish some for you. I sent an email with my address and phone number. Thank you for coordinating this for a wonderful, thoughtful treasure for someone to have during a difficult time in their life.

  3. I can finish quilts if you still need helping hands. The group I quilt with donates to kids’ programs and our local hospital breast cancer center. Thanks for the work you’re doing! Chris

  4. Shelly Brookshire

    Hello! I saw your post for quilt toppers. I’m a quilter; another lady and I put together quilts that we donate to the Navajo Lutheran Mission on the Navajo Reservation in Rock Point, AZ. They go to people of all ages, all genders, for the purpose of winter warmth. It would be a great help to have additional donations for this need. Thank you!

  5. I am just beginning to quilt on my Cutie quilt frame and would love to have a few quilts for Project Linus which I have been a member of since 2002! Our small chapter has given out over 14,000 quilts since 2001! And over 4,000 in the last year alone. I also Free motion quilt on my Jazz 2 as I transition to the Cutie.

  6. I would love ho finish some quilts.
    I am trying to do for my local hospice and vets.
    They are two important groups to me. Hospice helped me through the process with both my parents during the last year or so. My husband is a retired Marine.
    Right now I’m making and quilting tops by myself so any assistance is appreciated.

  7. Hi. I would love for my group to take some and finish. We donate to AZB4K, Arizona Blankets for Kids. It is a great organization that has donated over 10,000 quilts. Our group usually makes and donated around 75 to 100 quilts each winter.

  8. I can help with baby quilts for the local children’s hospital. I was a caregiver for 2 different people. The stress took a tole on me physically and mentally and I need something to destress and give back.

  9. Jo, I’m a long arm quilter and making and donating quilts to Lutheran World Relief. They require a standard size though – 60 x 80. Do you have any tops that size?

  10. I would be happy to help with finishing the quilt tops and would donate them when finished. My longarm loves to create gifts of love and care ❤

  11. I did a email directly to you then saw this. This may make it to you twice.
    I am a quilter and with quilter guild of Parker county. We donate to nursing homes, children’s home and give to police and fire department to give out as needed.
    Let me know if you still are in need.

  12. Valerie Ferguson

    I would be happy to take as many as you want to send. I make pursed to send to Africa through Sew Powerful, and I make quilts for veterans, child cancer patients, premi children, and children in foster care. I have recently added domestic violence shelters to the list. I buy all the supplies myself so anytime I can come across something fantastic that would help me help them I jump on it.

  13. I would love to finish some quilts. Baby or children’s sizes would be my first choice. My group donates to cancer patients beginning chemo treatments at our local hospital. We also donate quilts to Project Linus and kids removed from their homes by Child Protection.

  14. Diane L Merghart

    I would love to help. We are a group of 16 women that come together and make prayer quilts for the sick and elderly. We do not charge for these quilts. We only ask the circumstances of the person in order to personalize the card that goes with the quilt. We would be honored to accept some of these toppers. God bless.

  15. Carolene Gentry

    I live in Alabama and I would love to help. I do alot of baby quilts and twin size. I am not a fancy quilter just enjoy helping out. I have done several and given to children’s group home and the pregnancy cent here. Just let me know if I can help you

  16. I would love to finish the quilt tops for you . I have plenty of time
    And I will send pictures and let you know where I gave them to

    1. I have been making quilts tops for Ukraine. Are you accepting more quilt tops? If so, please send an address. Mission of Love accepts finished quilts that they send to Poland for Ukraine. The people of Ukraine are freezing without heat this winter & can really use quilts. If interested, the contact info is at
      I look forward to sending you quilt tops if you would like them. Thank you, Shar

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