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Well I’ve been working on my Garden Party quilt and needed to pull more fabrics.  I had made a commitment to the project vowing I would use as much scrap fabric that has been gifted to me as possible.  My hope is to prove anything can go in a truly scrappy quilt.

Well I thought I had enough blocks made but..alas, I don’t.  So I made plans to dig through a scrap bag that Jolyn had given me to cut the extra blocks I needed.

Well one thing lead to another and over three hours later I had this entire bag scrapped and sorted out into usable fabric for me.

As I cut I really had two projects in mind.  I was cutting the Garden Party blocks and I was cutting 2 1/2″ strips for my Wild Child quilt.  I find that parring down the scraps while I have a quilt in mind is the easiest and most productive way for me to get through the task of scrapping fabric out.  There are LOTS of pieces that get cut into other sizes but I do have a focus.

I had one pile for each of the quilts and then I had all of this too…..  I follow Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Users System cutting strings, 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″ pieces.  I also keep 5″ squares and 10″ squares…and crumbs.


Now that these are cut they will all go into the totes that hold these sizes.  They will be ready and waiting for their turn in a scrappy quilt.

There were a few other things in the bag that were larger cuts.  They will be sorted in to the fabric color or theme.


It is a HUGE task to sort through and organize but so worth it.  I just love doing it and am so thankful that I get a chance to do it.

This even included some orphan blocks…I don’t know what’s happening with them yet..time will tell.  Thanks Jolyn for an entertaining evening petting fabric…you have great scraps.

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  1. I follow Bonnie stash storing also. I really enjoy getting out a bunch of scraps and spending a couple hours sorting and cutting. I recently purchased a clear plastic shoe storage bag at a garage sale and was able to empty 2 22 gallon totes into it. Now, the real fun will begin. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today and I hope that you have a wonderful creative day!

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