Sorting Fabric

We’ve had lots of fabric to sort lately….  While we were busy working on the book we didn’t take time to clean our sewing rooms.  That left us with leftovers of fabric from 14+ quilts.

Kelli was over and we were sorting….Betsy was trying to help.

Isn’t she just the cutest???  Who could disturb her?

Looks like a game of peek-a-boo to me.

Betsy has gotten so much attention while the kids were here visiting.  Every 45 or so someone was sure Betsy needed a walk.  Betsy didn’t mind all the attention one single bit.  It was fun-fun for the kids and fun for her.  Kalissa said Betsy slept the best ever after the kids had hung out with her all day.

Having the pets around kids is wonderful socialization for the dogs.  It’s good that they get exposure while they are young and builds tolerance of little ones.

Luckily the kids were equally adoring of Ruby as she got walked all the time too.

The dogs and I are really going to miss the kiddos….but reality is kicking in and I’m needing to get stuff done here too.

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