Sometimes…you just have to try it!

Saturday, when I was machine quilting a quilt, I ran out of thread.   I hopped in the car vowing I would not spend money in quilt shop…I would only buy thread….nothing else.  If you sew, you know that’s a HUGE challenge.  The newest issue of Quilts and More was there.  I flipped through it…all the while telling myself, “don’t cave in….only buy thread.”  While I was flipping through the magazine the shop gal showed me a bag made from an empty bag of dog food.  I thought it was silly and left the store with only my thread.  (aren’t you proud of me!)

When I got home I went to change the wash and there next to the washing machine, was an empty dog food bag.  I looked at the bag and thought…no.  I’m not making a bag made from an empty bag of dog food.

Well then…last night, I could resist no more.  I had a couple minutes before I was going to bed and decided what the heck…it won’t cost me anything.  I retrieved the bag from the garbage and wa-la….there’s my bag.

Kalissa came home and said…”really Mom, you’ve got to be kidding!”  About two minutes past and then she said, “Wait.  Can I have that bag?”

So now it’s your turn to weigh in….Cute?  or Strange?

20 thoughts on “Sometimes…you just have to try it!”

  1. You are a kindred spirit! Of couse it’s not wierd…I made one out of the same Old Roy bag! I have a friend who “pet sits” for me when I’m out of town and she received her Christmas gifts from the animals in it! Too funny!
    If you try this it home, might I suggest you wash it well (kinda greasy inside!) and use an old needle to sew.
    PS…I’ve made cat food bags, too! And fused bags from Target bags…it’s recycling at it’s finest!

  2. Sweet…perfect gift bag for animal lovers. If I have time I’ll have to make one to deliver my donation quilt for our “Critter Care” fundraiser.

  3. How about strangely cute…what a fun way to carry all of your pet paraphernalia. I think I may try it with a chicken feed bag as the neighbors call me the crazy chicken lady with all of my chickens. So why not have a crazy bag too!

  4. very cute and I absolutely want one. How’d you make it? My dogs eat Iams Proactive – comes in a great green bag. I can already see it in my head.

  5. I remember when all the Capri Sun bags were being sewn together for small lunch bags. It was a rage many years ago when I was overseas. Recently I found them for sale already made at Wal-Mart. I hadn’t seen the large dog food bag…wouldn’t vet techs love this one!!

  6. I saved a couple bags my chicken food came it just to make bags. Still on the to do list. Your bag turned out fabulous! Wish my dog food didn’t come in a paper bag!

  7. l will certainly look at dog food bags in the supermarket with renewed respect. l have a freind who would just love this. Please do share how you made it. Many thanks for sharing.

  8. So excited….within minutes of seeing your post…I had mine made…then I lost your post…got it all together now. The bag is great for donated books because it is very strong. Thank you.

  9. OMG!!! I have to know how to make this bag. We got through so many bags of dog food at my house it’s ridiculous. What a wonderful idea.

    LOVE it!!

  10. LOL! Well, at least you know you will never lose your dog as he will follow you everywhere! It IS kinda cute and I bet we’ll see more of them!

  11. I’ve been thinking about trying this! Our dogfood comes in the prettiest green plastic-coated bags and every time I empty one I think what a shame it is to throw it out. Your bag looks great!

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