Something Smelly

So last weekend I spent much of the weekend cleaning the kitchen.  There was a smell that I just couldn’t get rid of.

It’s that time of year when the potatoes go bad just a bit quicker and the onions to do.  I cleaned out the bins…no smelly suspects…I cleaned the refrigerator.  Nothing really there.

A day went by and I said something to Hubby asking if he smelled it….yep, he did but he couldn’t locate the origin of the smell either.  I went through the laundry room thinking there was a smelly dish cloth that got behind something..NOTHING  I couldn’t find the smell.

Monday Kelli came home.  I said something about the smell and she couldn’t figure it out either but she, like me and Hubby, knew something smelled.

We decided to have taco salads for lunch so Kelli put the hamburger into the microwave and the smell wafted out.  Still we didn’t know what it was…then Kelli bent down to really look.

On Thursday of the previous week Kelli was home and we had fish for lunch.  We had gotten the frozen fish and put it in the microwave to defrost…

One piece fell off the plate and was behind the glass plate.

Because our microwave is down low we never noticed it.

I would have to completely bend over to see the fish in the back…

…well tonight is fish night again.  Trust me-  I will be bending over to see if any pieces fell off the platter.  That smell was awful.  Even after it was cleaned up it still took a day for the smell to truly be gone.

4 thoughts on “Something Smelly”

  1. S great non toxic microwave cleaner and deodorizer is a mix of white vinegar and water. Take about a quarter cup of bot and combine them in a measuring cup or bowl. Then place it on high for several minutes until it boils. It is great for removing stuck on splatters on the interior, they just white away. The vinegar smell lingers but eventually fades. You could even use some fresh lemon juice rather than the vinegar if you prefer.

    Just in case for next time.

  2. Oh, what a funny story! I can imagine that smell. It really must have been awful. I also often use vinegar mixed with a bit of water to clean my microwave. It works great. Just in case something like that happens again ;)

    Warm wishes, Amelie

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