Something New to Thrift For

Last week I had Thursday off.  I had some blood work to do and happily it all came back acceptable.  I also had my dreaded tax appointment which went okay.

Those errands got me out and about and that took me to the thrift stores.  I simply can’t resist.

I found these….I didn’t buy them but I found them.  My mom had a set of these dishes.  Who can tell me about them?  They are white with a gold ring around them.  They were the “good” dishes when I was growing up.  Mom also would poor rubbing alcohol in one of the plates then light it on fire and singe the chickens when we butchered chickens.  I din’t buy them.  I was tempted but didn’t….who knows.  I might go back or if they are there next time, I just might get them.  I know it’s silly and nostalgic….but that’s okay.  I really would like to know more about them though…what are they called?


I also started looking for a new thing at the thrift stores…can you guess what it is???JEWELRY!  I know that’s a bit of a surprise as I’ve said I don’t really care for a lot of jewelry, but I have alternative motives.

In our area there aren’t bead stores.  We’ve even been to larger towns hoping to find a beading store and have little luck finding them.  Well we do have thrift stores.


Our thrift stores do have jewelry and the jewelry is a great place to get beads….LOTS of beads and all at a pretty cheap price.  Here’s a typical piece.


75 cents for this bracelet.  The beads are good and spacers are good too.

I did this without Kelli knowing and she is SUPER excited.  Each and every bracelet will be unique as all will be done with with upcycled jewelry.  Some of the beads I don’t think we could find even with a great beading store.

I forgot to take a picture of the tear drop earrings I found. They are blue crystal and they will be so cool in the Psalms 23 bracelet in the part that is “leads me beside still waters”.

I can’t wait to see some of the fun bracelets Kelli puts together.  They are going to be so fun.  So add jewelry to the list of things I am thrifting for….you know me…there’s always a reason to thrift.

11 thoughts on “Something New to Thrift For”

  1. I’m afraid that I can’t help you name the dishes, but I remember that my grandmother had the same ones. She and my grandfather were farmers too! Must be something about farming and those dishes. lol

  2. I really must find some thrift stores around here. I don’t go into town much. Just to Kroger and Walmart when I have to?

  3. I believe they may have been premiums in oatmeal or dry laundry detergent boxes. Many beautiful dish patterns were promoted that way.

  4. I think the dishes are Fire-King swirl pattern. I think they were given away in detergent packages but you could also buy them. Look on ebay or other sites that sell things and you will find Fire-King. It was very big in 30’s – 50’s. They have lots of patterns. Hope that helps.

  5. We had a set of those dishes in our house when I was growing up too. I am thinking like Lorna it was a gift in soap powders at the time.

  6. I was going to say Fire King too. My mother had some. My parents sold them in the housewares section of their small town store.

  7. For the beads you seek see if you have a Joanns or other crafty store. like Pat Catans, they have a cool program you can belong to and get even more of a discount too. Walmart might even have the beads for decoratoin which can be used like you did with the thrift store find. Good luck. Thanks for sharing all you do.

  8. I love those dishes…of course I love most dishes…LOL I do have a sugar bowl with lid and saucer that match these.. I picked it up at GW for $1 I love it

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