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Saturday Kelli was home as we were finishing up a few things on getting ready to send a project out.  That is when Hubby came in and said, “Remember that table saw I bought on the for sale group?”  I said ya…then next thing I knew, Kelli and I were in the pickup on our way to Riceville to pick it up.  UGH.  I really didn’t mind doing it and it is my job to handle things when he is planting crops..just not today.

As we were driving along I saw a couple signs along the road that indicated there were country stores or shops.  I suggested to Kelli that we stop on our way back towards home.

We got the table saw loaded up and were headed back home.  The first place we stopped at was a “Dry Goods” store.  It was ran by a Mennonite family.  The store had everything in it that the old home town stores had.  A little bit of clothing, some fabric and quilting things, books, shoes and a few kitchen ware products.  We had fun looking around.  Kelli ended up purchasing a baby present.  Many of the toys and things were farm themed.  They had awesome kids puzzles and books.

While Kelli was checking that out, I was looking at fabric.  I have a black and white quilt in mind and of course, those are two colors I have very little of.  I ended up grabbing a few 1/4 yard cuts.

From there we were off the next stop, a Mennonite greenhouse.  Typically I buy everything at the green house in New Hampton but we were here and I didn’t plan on buying much this year so rather than make an extra trip, I decided to just get my things at this stop.  I got my things but had to remind and remind and remind myself that I wasn’t planting much this year.  Just as I was ready to check out, Kelli decided that she’d plant something this year too….That almost made me fall over from shock…Kelli hates gardening.

Anyway…we got home and I planted my containers.

This is my big barrel by that basement door.  About five years ago I had extra plants from the end of the season clearance and tried to find something to plant them in.  Hubby threw a HUGE fit as it “wasn’t fit to the have that up by the house”…but I did it anyway.  It beat up and the paint is rusting.   I really don’t care though.  The flowers get big enough that they drape over the edge and I can’t see the old container anyway.

I got another plant.  They had some in hanging baskets but I was too cheap to buy the $20 basket.  Instead I bought three of the plants for $2.50 each and planted them in my own container.  I was going to try to remember the name of the plant..but can’t.  It gets pretty bell shaped flowers on it.

Kelli actually did plant her own containers.  I had to take a picture of it just to prove it was true.


She planted this…


and this one with moss roses.

The moss roses is entirely sentimental.  I plant them at the mailbox just like my mom always did….Kelli apparently wants to keep a tradition of moss roses.  Good think they with stand a lot as I am guessing, they just might need to with Kelli.

Honestly..never did I think she would ever garden…she has pledged a hatred of anything lawn or garden-but then again, I never thought she would quilt.

I have NEVER went out and planted all the flowers in 20 minutes.  Typically it takes me at least a half a day….

Anyway…we had fun and going to get that table saw wasn’t bad at all.  I never should have groaned when Hubby asked me to go.  We’ll keep you posted on how our flowers grow.

5 thoughts on “Something New for Kelli”

  1. Well I think the flower barrel is neat……a good way to reuse something I’d never thought of using that way. Makes me want to go find a barrel and have Buddy Boy cut it in half.

  2. My husband hates it when I go around the farm looking for old beat up containers to use at planters. I really like to use the old galvanized containers. When I show him the prices people are selling old beat up farm containers to use as planters or decoration, he is in shock not only by the prices but that people actually pay for such things; however, he still wants to scrap what I have.

    Beautiful flowers (and containers).

    PB from MN

  3. About mail boxes. Long ago you posted about planting some kind of seeds I believe that got real viney around your mail box. They also got flowers on them. At the time, I thought they were really pretty but had no place to plant. I even went to amazon to see if they sold them(which they did). With the harsh winter we had, 2 on my honeysuckle bushes that climbed a divider wall I have, didn’t make it.I remembered your post, but for the life I me I can’t remember the name of the flowers. Can you help me out? Thanks

  4. Moss rose is a sentimental favorite of mine also. . .it was my Grandpa Loring’s fav. flower. Mark got me an old rusty/broken wagon that sits in our iris bed. The iris’s were my Great-Grandma Ines’s favorites, who was Loring’s mother. We fill the wagon with moss rose and I think of my grandpa every time I pass it. Almost time to re-plant the wagon! :)

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