Something New AGAIN…A Binding Video

Okay you all…I am on a learning OVERLOAD.  First I had Kayla working on the blog and having me learning EQ, the quilting design program.   Now I have Kalissa helping me with some Youtube things and filming and so much more.  She was here most of the day today and was busy the whole time helping me with this or that.

I don’t know about you but when I get overwhelmed, I’m quick to end up in tears.  I’ve not ever figured out why…it just happens.  Today it happened a couple times but I’m doing better.  I think part of it is that when someone is helping me, they click through programs so quickly saying “click this, then this, then this and see the program in here and they you drag that there”.  Seriously, I am still back, way back on the that very first click.  Also, I’m a hands on girl.  I have to do it myself more than watch someone else.  Happily Kalissa stuck with me through all of these programs…

Pic Monkey
Word Press

I’m still at a great deficit on really knowing any of them but I’m closer and still treading the waters and not crying anymore.  So…here was my day.

I was up and opted not to walk Rosie this morning.  Karl needed me to go to the bank for him later in the day and thought I’d walk her then.  For me, it was straight to the quilting room.  Remember I have those quilts that need the longarm?

Rosie was ready to help…

I got the long arming done on the first one and had started binding it when Kalissa called me and said she was bringing the boys over for lunch.  Hmm.  I asked what we were having and she said, “walking tacos from the bar?”  Perfect.  I wanted to keep binding in an effort to try to get the binding done.  That didn’t happen which is totally okay.

Kalissa was in a great mood to be the helper techie person and it’s what I needed.  I had filmed a video of me opening mail last weekend and was hoping she’d help me edit it and load it to Youtube.  We (she really) got everything done and set it to load.  I started baking cookies.

Carver helped.  He was more than happy to lick the beater.  Notice Gannon in the background trying to reach the cookies on the pan.

He didn’t get any batter but he did get a cookie.  Poor Rosie still doesn’t do the best when the boys have food so she spent part of her day in the kennel.  She’s getting better though.

Then the boys took a nap and Kalissa said, “Lets play with that that GoPro that Karl’s friend Payge gave you.”   She said we need to shoot a video.  UGH…The pressure is on.  (Quick think of something you can shoot Jo)  That’s when I remembered the quilt upstairs.  I was mid binding it.  Everyone always asks me to show them how I bind with a machine.  So with the GoPro in hand, off we went upstairs.

We quick filmed something on the fly.  I didn’t prep anything…we just figured out how to turn the camera on and shot the video.  It’s was only 3 minutes or so long.

Then is was back to the computer for me to learn about editing.  I’m terrible.  Kalissa is awesome.  I think I can learn now that Kalissa has much of it set up but I do need lots of practice.

…and practice is what this video actually is.  So do you want to see what we did???  Check this out….

(For those of you who read through programs like email or through Blog Lovin, you might be about to get the link to work in your program.  You might need to go to my blog HERE and read this post.  Then then links will work.  If you can’t see the video, the problem isn’t with the blog.  It’s through the program you are using to read it with)

Anyway…what do you think?  I’m going to be working on having occasional videos.  All of the them will have the cute little intro and ending that Kalissa set up.

Down the road I plan on doing a long binding video with more in depth information and talking.  Like I said, I filmed it with no warning and no prep time.  When I have a kid of mine in the house that will help me, I have to just roll with the punches and do what I can with the help I have.  I’m a slow learner so hopefully Kalissa will be back a day next week to help me again.

Please tell us what you think.  We have another video ready for later this week.  I can’t wait to share that one with you too!!

40 thoughts on “Something New AGAIN…A Binding Video”

  1. First I have to say that picture of Carver …….is Too. Stinking. Cute!!! Look out girls….he’s gonna be a heart breaker!!!
    Look at you, learning all kinds of new things!! I think our kids know that there is so much out there to do on a computer that they want to see us grow and do more fun things on it! You will have this down in no time!! How fun!
    Love it !! Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  2. Great video! And you have a wonderful on camera voice! What width do you cut your binding? I’m looking forward to seeing how you do the corners. I’m working on 3 baby quilts and this process would be great to try on those.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Thank you for the video! I generally bind my quilts on my machine but I’m never really happy with it as I generally end up with 2 seperate seam lines and it doesn’t look as good. Your way looks like a winner to me

  4. Nice job with the video. Looking forward to more videos on binding. I’ve never machine stitched the binding because I’m afraid that the opposite side won’t be even and I won’t catch the edges. How wide is your binding? Love reading your blog.

  5. It was really nicely done Jo. I’ve always hand stitched my binding – my how you make it look so easy. Love the site and all the new things you will share with us.

  6. LaNan Eldridge

    Love the cookie sampler! Like your video. I totally understand the click, drag, click etc brain freezes after the first click! I too have to do it myself after fifty times I get it!!!

  7. Love the striped binding! Did you plan the red binding to start exactly at the red fabric or was that a perfect happy coincidence? Love the pictures of Rosie and the grands!!

  8. Hi Jo, Love your video! One suggestion – I have found that little handy clips are a great help with machine binding. It is quicker than pinning but still gives that extra support keeping the edge where I want it. I just started watching ” The Mill” tonight. I’m hooked. Thanks for sharing and stay safe.

  9. oh it was great and i too wish to know the width you cut your binding.
    also, i thought it worthy of sharing but it would not let me do so. said the app is outdated. i a assuming they were referring to the fb and twitter bird apps that pop up when one clicks to share via those two apps.

  10. JO, the video was wonderful. Loved the picture of Rosie. Carver was so cute. I have tried to do the binding on the machine , but my seams do not alright and I don’t can’t the material on the back and I am just not happy with it. I guess if I had more patience and use pins and a walking foot, maybe mine would look better. So, your video taught me some things. Thank you, Jo!
    Keep up the great work and and we will all learn together. I know I have to learn by doing as well.
    Much love from SC.

  11. Rosie always looks so sad. Your video is awesome ! I like your blog a lot because you’re a real person , your house is lived in , your grandchildren have cookie dough on face from licking bowl and mixers ( love it ) . Some of the other quilters live in fairy land and make us mere mortals feel inferior , soooo Jo thank you from my heart for keeping it real and don’t Ever change.

    1. I totally agree Miss Daisy. No fake nails, no home out of a magazine. Just a REAL person with a few dust bunnies here and there. And if the truth be told, I bet Jo runs around bare foot occasionally …..LOL
      Keep on being YOU Jo. We love you and your blog!!!

  12. Great job doing the video! It is fun and can be intimidating to learn news programs on the computer. One of the best things to remember – usually if you click wrong button, it can be undone, but not always. I know I always wanted to get it right the first time, so it added stress. I am like you, need to do it myself and take notes of the steps. I only watched part of the mail video, but how fun and the polkadots are pretty! So fun to have daughters near to help you.

  13. Susan C Quinn

    Great job Jo and Kalissa! I loved your video! You sounded and acted like you’ve been doing videos for years Jo, so if you were nervous you sure couldn’t tell No pressure, but I cant wait to see more of your videos!

  14. Thank you for the video as I have been wanting to learn to do the finish on the machine. Could you show how you do corners?

  15. Pamela Dempsey

    Thanks for the binding video, you make it look so easy. Is this with 2″ strips? You have a nice, pretty voice. I love pics and stories of Rosie and she does look sad to me for some reason…I guess beagles do? Looking forward to more videos, thanks! :)

  16. I bind most of my quilts just like you do. I too would be curious to hear what size you but your strips. The binding looks so slim! I would like to see you do a corner. I usually get one of the 4 that doesn’t behave properly! I love your voice and your cute little “helpers”! Hugs to all

  17. Wow, look at all the new things you are learning. The video is wonderful and I can hear you when you talk. Your voice is clear and concise, great job. I look forward to more videos. I started watching Hidden and its really a great show and I don’t mind the Welsh wording. I will put The Mill on the list, thanks for sharing. Those cookies look mighty tasty, who can blame Gannon for trying to sneak one before its baked.

  18. I keep trying machine binding but am just not satisfied with the little flap that you get in the back. I found a gorgeous brand new 30’s print quilt and pillow case at Goodwill that had been machine bound. The workmanship was excellent except for the binding. I ripped it all out and hand bound it!

  19. You did great on the video Jo. I see many in your future. It wonderful that your daughter can help. Your grandkids are darling.

  20. I loved the video! What foot are you using on your machine? I could not tell if it was a quarter inch foot, a regular foot, or a zipper foot. I enjoy reading your blog every day.

  21. I was able to view the video through Bloglovin~ That was nice. Good video. You do indeed have a nice voice for taping. Congrats on all the learning going on for you. I think it is great!

  22. Cherie in St Louis

    I must have been reading your blogs in “a voice” all these years because I was surprise when I watched the video….you didn’t sound like you, he he he! Great job for a spur of the moment video! That picture of Carver is awesome…it looks like you caught him before he hammed it up :)

  23. Angie in SoCal

    That video came out great! I’m glad you explained about your Pfaff and why you didn’t have a walking foot on it. Only thing I can suggest would have been a closeup of how it looked on the back at the end.
    Look forward to others.

  24. I enjoyed the video and look forward to seeing more. I don’t like long videos, so this was perfect for me. I posted a couple of questions under the video. I saw someone commented on your voice and I agree-you have a very nice voice. I enjoyed listening to you.

  25. I’ll join the chorus of praise for the video! Great job. You didn’t sound nervous or as if you hadn’t practiced! You just sounded like a real pro!

  26. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Good video, but maybe shot a bit off your right shoulder so your hand doesn’t block the view of the needle?? Could you please show how you do the corners? I want mitered corners and they are always my downfall when doing it by machine!! I can get a couple to work out right, but there is always 1 or 2 that don’t cooperate and look awful!!

  27. For someone who calls herself a slow learner, with no prep time, you nailed it. Love the video. Looking forward to what is to come. You must be very proud of your family. They are all you could hope for. They seem to be great parents, patterned after you and from what you have aid about him, Kramer. They are intelligent, hard working, kind, considerate. You have a great family and I know great families come from great parents.

  28. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I loved the video, Jo. It was fun hearing your voice. I am still hand sewing my bindings, but I want to learn the machine method. I am concerned abt the corners, too. I am going to practice. Thanks.

  29. Video worked and sound was good. Like others said, seeing the backside would be helpful after stitching. And of course how you start, then how you do a corner, then how you end. Many more steps to fill in and you know of course! GREAT start! Your girls are so talented and so helpful!


    I just tried this method of attaching binding and loved how quick it was to finish. I need more practice, but I only had two spots that didn’t “catch” but it was easy to go back and attach. After washing and drying, you cannot see where I stitched it a 2nd time. The only feedback I have on this video is the background humming noise. Not sure what caused that.

  31. Great job. I have done machine binding but from the back to the front . I like your way better. I will try it on my next small project. Thanks to both of you!

  32. Barbara Firesheets

    Love that you are experimenting with videos! Need a bit if adjustment to the camera angle so we can see over your hands when you start to sew, but it was great for a first run. Would love to know more about how wide you cut your strips, and what width you use when you attach the binding to your quilt top (1/4 inch?). Another thing that would be helpful is watching how you stitch around a corner.

    Keep up the great work girls – looking forward to seeing more of your videos!

  33. Felicia Hamlin

    I can understand frustration and I too, have cried when I can’t make things work. I don’t get along with technology and my boys always fly through their instructions. I wish you had showvus a corner or two, even by hands the extra bulk gives me problems. The boys are so cute!

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