Something happened on the way to the sewing machine…

Okay, I admit it, I caved and started the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Grand Illusion.  Deep down I knew I likely would…I just know I likely won’t have time to complete it and I hate starting things that I am almost certain will fall into the UFO pile.

So after I read the clue #1 I thought about what I had planned…this.


It’s all nice and lovely fabric..the colors are Bonnie’s.  The colors are fine….but I typically keep “Bonnie” quilts and don’t give them away…so what was I doing making it out of this??  A quilt in Civil War reproductions would look much better in my house!

So before I ever started I changed my mind…. SURPRISE!!??

I ended up going to my tried and true stash and pulled this.   I had tried to find black but had very little in my stash.  Kelli suggested the brown and I decided to just go with the brown.

These colors are much more me.

I did skip ahead and did one unit…okay two units just to see what I thought of the color….

This is what I am going with…like it or love it, the Civil War prints won out.

One of the reasons I decided this was when we did Orca Bay.  When I made mine, I think mine would have looked better if I had lighter blues.

I ended up with darker blues next to the blacks and it just didn’t pop like I had hoped.

Using the brown instead of the black this time around might help so that doesn’t happen again…besides I had plenty brown in my stash…not much black.  I have to also admit, I’ve learned that I like to make mine different from the original…even if it’s only slightly different.

Now the challenge…can I keep up with the clues?!  Stop back Monday and I’ll show you my progress.

8 thoughts on “Something happened on the way to the sewing machine…

  1. Pam Thorne

    I love your fabrics, Jo! I am using civil war reproduction fabrics in my quilt also as they are my happy fabrics. I have the first clue all cut out and am anxiously waiting for a group of friends to come over on Monday so we can work on our quilts together.

  2. Ranch Wife

    LOL…I’ve been waffling about whether to join in this year or not too. I still haven’t committed. I would have to come up with a different color scheme too. I like your choices. I may have to dig a bit tomorrow and if something jumps out at me, I’ll be jumping on the band wagon.

  3. Rori

    Your colors are wonderful! I also am not a fan of Bonnie’s original colors, but your are outstanding. I too may peruse my stash and see what I have. I have not even finished Easy Street yet…the top is done. but I need to quilt it.

    See what you have done now…?!!! Another possible pre UFO

  4. Jess

    I keep my bonnie hunter quilts also. So that means I change the colors up. This time around , I used coral instead of pink. ( I am NOT a fan of pink.). I love how your are looking. Great choices. I love the brown.

  5. Nell

    I have fabrics in my stash that are in your blocks! I know it is ridiculous to be so excited over a little tiny thing like that, but it makes me feel connected to other quilters. I figured you would join us. . .I have Orca Bay and Easy Street and Celtic Solstice in my UFO pile. . .what is one more??? I have part 1 all cut and 11 blocks sewn. I will most likely not be able to keep up, but maybe will get caught up over Christmas break. . .

  6. Judy D in upstate NY

    Jo, I decided to do my Grand Illusion in Civil War Repo’s also and am also using brown instead of black. I gave Orca Bay to my nephew for a wedding gift, Celtic Solstice ( when I finish it) is going to be a wedding gift for my son and I wanted to keep this quilt. I love Bonnie’s colors but they go with NOTHING in my house! Needless to say I also wanted to use some of my stash. So I am in absolute agreement with you on colors.
    By the way, your new home is looking wonderful!

  7. Susan In FL

    The Grand Ilusion colors work well in Florida. I wanted a quilt to commemorate a visit we made to Mackinaw and the Grand Hotel (we didn’t sleep there). I have sime fabulous photos my hubby took on the island that I plan to print on fabric for the back. I think your Civil War choices will be fantastic for your quilt…and your new house. I’m getting excited as the work comes together for you.


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