Someone is Crabby..and it’s not me!!

Thursday and Friday Kelli and I spent the day with the Muscatine, Iowa Quilt Guild as you saw in this morning’s post.  Then Kelli ended up staying overnight Friday night at my house and we sewed and worked on some loose ends on Saturday.  Kelli went home and Hubby and I went to play cards with friends.

Sunday I read Bonnie Hunter’s post that she had sent out pre-orders for her book and that some lucky people had gotten their books via the mail.  That’s when I remembered, that we were so busy on Saturday that we overlooked getting the mail.  I ran out to the mailbox and there they were….

More Adventures with Leaders and Enders by Bonnie Hunter.  I ripped the package open and paged through…then I called Kelli to tell her that her copy is here at my house.  Sadly, it was here on Saturday when she was here too..we just didn’t get the mail.

So..guess who is crabby..not me- it’s Kelli.  She lives a half hour away and this week her schedule it pretty tight.

After some moaning I figured out that I will send the book with Kalissa when she is home.  Kalissa will take the book to her place in Calmar and Kelli will pick the book up from Kalissa when she’s in Calmar for class. Kelli just couldn’t possible wait until the weekend when she’s home to get her book.

I sure am glad that I’m the one here with both copies and she’s the one without.  As always, there are several projects in the book calling my name….Great work Bonnie!!

3 thoughts on “Someone is Crabby..and it’s not me!!”

  1. barbara corbitt

    aw, jo, you are after my heart. when i read this post, i laughed so much i just about wet myself. your last sentence was sure an ender. thank you for putting a smile on my face. i cant wait to see what you create with this book.

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