Some Punch Needle Finishes

When I had organized some of my cross stitch stuff around Thanksgiving time, I unearthed a couple of punch needle pieces that I did years ago.  I honestly think I did them back when we lived in the farmhouse and as of January, I’ll have lived here in this house for 8 years.  WOW!  That’s so hard to believe.

Anyway…it was long past time for me to fully finish these.  I set them out on the table and make a resolution to finish them and not stuff them back in a drawer.  So one of the days when my grandson Gannon was in the hospital, I had baby brother Anders at my house and he was sleeping, I grabbed the two pieces and decided that I was going to get at least one of them finished.

These are both older patterns and I have no idea if they are still available or not.  The star is a Teresa Kogut pattern…sorry I don’t know the name.  The snowmen are a With Thy Needle and Thread pattern.

The snowmen weren’t completely done.  If you look on the pattern, you can see that they are supposed to have eyes and buttons on them.  The maker is supposed to accomplish that by making French knots.  That is why I never finished this piece.  I didn’t want to screw it up by making terrible French knots.

I can make them…I just don’t enjoy it and every so often one of the ones I make is bad.   I decided that I would start by finishing the edges.

For me, that means… trimming and then hemming.

After that, I did the French knots.

Someone told me a long time ago that to finish the edge of punch needle projects, take a sharpie and color the hemmed edge.  I did that…then I found something in my thrifted collection to mount it to.  I had this little board.

This is what it said on the back.  I paid 75 cents for it.

I glued some batting to the middle back of the piece and then hot-glued it all down in place.
I don’t know why I waited so long to finish the piece.   Seriously, those French knots were no big deal.

That all was enough for me to get the itch to want to do punch needle projects again.  UGH.  It’s been so long since I’ve done it that I will for sure have to relearn how to do it.

I have a couple of patterns here, I really should just do it…but I’d have to trade in cross-stitch time for it.  Alas…crafter problems.  HA!

After that one was done I decided to tackle the other project.  This one was much easier as it was already hemmed…and didn’t need French knots.

I dug through my thrifted things that I have purchased in the past for finishing items.  I came across this hanger.  The front was scuffed but I didn’t think that was going to make a difference.  I paid $4 for this at a vintage sale.

I hot glued this in place and that’s all there was to finishing that one.  I just want to kick myself for not doing this before.  It seriously took only long enough for the glue gun to get hot to finish it.

Down the road I want to get something to stick in the bucket…maybe some dried flowers?  I don’t know.  Any ideas? Maybe just a bow on the side.   For now, it’s way better than it was!!

The two pieces look like they were made for each other.

So, you can check those two off my to-be-finished list.  I’m so glad I finally just finished them…and maybe the next time I’m cross-stitching I should watch a Youtube video on punch needle.  Hmm.  Are there any other punch needle fans out there??

31 thoughts on “Some Punch Needle Finishes”

  1. J’aime beaucoup ce que tu as fait JO, tout est fait l’un pour l’autre. Comme toi j’ai envie de reprendre le punch needle mais les journées sont bien trop courtes, patchwork, point de croix, tricot et beaucoup d’autres choses me prennent tout mon temps. Maintenant que tu en parles je vais ressortir ce qui est commencé et pas terminé, tu fais la tentatrice ……

    1. I’ve been on a roll with a few unfinished things I’m tackling. I hope I can pass on my enthusiasm for old projects to others.

  2. Great finishes, Jo! For the bucket, I’d probably roll up fabric pieces, tie them shut with twine, and have them sticking out the top… sort of like you’re organizing/storing them for future use. You can always crumble up paper to stuff in the bottom so you don’t use up as much fabric.

    1. yes yes yes,,love this idea. I was mistakenly trying to imagine how expensive rolled decorative papers would cost and you came up with something very superior.

  3. Love your finishes, especially the snowmen!
    I never tried punch needle though I know some who have and loved it. Dh says I have enough crafts. Lol-Silly man.
    Love and prayers

  4. I love these. I have never read anything about punch needle, I had so many other crafty things to do. About your little bucket: maybe some homespun fabrics rolled up? Or dried flowers? Sure looks great.

    1. I tried punch needle…..or I need to say I tried to punch needle years ago….. but I never really started…
      Have you ever done petit point? They had a sale on a pillow but I have not started..
      Right now I am doing a little wreath pattern in embroidery that I got free from DMC. It’s my first time.
      In terms of lots of projects going I also started a cross stitch I also got free from DMC……. I have plenty to keep busy,
      I have also a latch hook rug going and I also crochet, This year I crocheted my sister a lap afghan and also a scarf. The lap afghan was the biggest crochet project I have done. I started crocheting in the spring, from YouTube.
      It all has helped me stay happy.
      I would also love to make a heart appliqué wall hanging.

  5. I just love your punch needle pieces! I would love to try doing punch needle with you, like you did with the SAL. I watched Vonna’s punch needle class tutorials but haven’t tried it yet.

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    I, too love your finished pieces! The backgrounds are so complimentary. I like the bucket and the stars piece just as it is–focus is on the needle punch and that little bucket is so unusal–don’t want to take away from it either.

  7. Pauline M Delaar

    I am new to your world and enjoy learning about you and your family. I live in New England and so many of your creations would look right at home in our historic area. You and your kids are all hard working but still find the time and energy to be beautifully creative.
    May you all have a lovely holiday season.
    Pilgrim Quilter

  8. I, too, would like to learn punch needle. I watched Vonna’s tutorial but haven’t tried it yet. Bought a small project, needles & lap frame but that’s as far as I got.

  9. Carmen Montmarquet

    I really love both pieces, great job Jo! I have always wanted to learn to do Punch Needle, especially the smaller pieces! Thanks for sharing your work, always love the Primitive touches you do! Would be wonderful to get a Gannon update when you can! Sure hope he is doing a little better!

  10. Oh Jo, you always finish your projects in such cute ways. Both of these punch needle pieces are so adorable! I bought a kit at a sale several years ago and get it out from time to time, but so far haven’t been able to do it. I plan to watch a video and see if it will help me but not sure when I will do that – probably the next time I come across the kit.

  11. Oh I love both of these finishes! Great job!!! I tried punch needle but don’t know where I put it & I’ve moved since then and can’t find half my stuff! Maybe it will show up again. I’m 81 so it needs to hurry up

  12. I did needle punch back in the ‘80’s. It was quite the rave then. I love what you did to keep the look nostalgic and country friendly. I don’t know if you can get any of those tin shape stars like on the second basket. But I would attach them to the curved handle and then like a reader suggested roll up fabrics and tie and stand up in basket. Maybe even make Star fabric flowers to go inside.But either way – full or empty looks wonderful.

  13. I just love your creativity and your drive with everything that goes on in your life. You do such wonderful crafts.

  14. Virginia Grenier

    I saw a cute idea a while back – they took knitting needles and stuck them through the centers of fabric yo-yos and created a bouquet. Maybe something like that would look good in the bucket?

  15. Love your punch needle finishes. Reminded me that I have some probably nearing completion like yours. I remember enjoying the craft and don’t know why I stopped. G you decide to start up again please consider masking info if your videos because I would need a refresher. Isn’t there something about the angle of the needle to make a clean punch? I love the look and since they are often small pieces they are versatile to add them to your decor. Now where are mine buried? Lol.

  16. Jo,
    I’m a cross stitcher too and tried punch needle for the first time in September and really enjoyed it. However, I don’t think it will ever take the place of cross stitch for me. I’ve seen some really cute punch needle pieces out there. I love the variegation that you can get with the Valdani thread! I haven’t finished my simple piece yet, but I will need to watch Julie, of The Old Tattered Flag, as she has punch needle videos and I love her pieces. Marry Christmas and happy crafting! Pam

  17. LOVE THEM– NEAT. Good ideas above for what to put in the bucket. IF I had such -I might be tempted to get the smallest mini-mini battery run lights to put on the bucket!! Some wrapped around handle and then
    “drip” down?? I know, probably a crazy idea, but I love things like that. I haven’t ever tried punch needle stuff–but really enjoyed latch hook projects. That was long ago!!!

  18. Oh those are beautiful!! I would love to try needle punch! Used to love cross stitch but can’t do it anymore due to disabled hands… I think I could hold the punch tool though. If you want to go down a rabbit hole, check out The Old Tattered Flag online… found them when I was researching this craft and oh my!! Such fun!! I hope Gannon is doing better, been praying for him.

  19. Jo, both finishes are perfect! I love them. I am currently in a punch needle mania. Lol. I just took a class in September and learned how to do it. Now I’m collecting patterns just like I did with all of my cross stitching. Aghhh. It’s an addiction! I love yours!

  20. I’d put some straw flowers in there. I have 2 antique copper pieces that had those in for at least 20 years. I took the old foliage out with the intent of buying new and placing in both. The straw flowers are a beige color like the color of dried out hay and so is the ‘leaf’ foliage, and looks really cool. Either that, or rolled up fabrics as stated above or how about a really cute stuffed toy that can be holding onto the edge and peeking out? Love the bucket with your piece attached!

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