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Ha…I caught you with the title of the post didn’t I?  I bet you’re thinking I’m going to tell you one of the kids is expecting…well it’s not that.  It’s funny every time I say things about family news or a secret I am going to share someone always emails me and asks if one of our kids is expecting…Nope.  No babies…but new from my baby (of the family), Kalissa.

Even before they were married Kalissa and Craig have been looking and thinking about buying a house.  They looked at a couple in the country and then started looking at a few in town but we suggested that they hold off until they were married…I always have to tell Kalissa “SLOW DOWN”.  She’s always been a girl wanting to grow up fast and owning her own home was next on her list.

In our small town the house market is pretty slow.  Honestly, we are a town with not a lot of quality houses either.  There are lots of rental houses.  The kids looked at a house that was over $110,000 that need LOTS of work including a new kitchen.  It only had a single car garage and was along the river.  They wanted it as it was big and I just didn’t think it was a good idea. I know the kids’ lifestyle and as much as they don’t mind helping with remodeling and fixing, I can’t see them able to do it on their own.  Besides that, the house was WAY overpriced.

The kids also had an option of purchasing the rental house they were living in.  We tried hard to encourage them to make a pro and con list hoping they would see that the house they were living in was over priced too.

I suggested that they look at every for sale in town (all three of them!) before they made any decisions.  In fact I refused to go look at the house they liked until they looked at the other ones first.  I figured the kids would realize the house was overpriced if they could see what the other houses offered.  They ended up falling in love with the house I thought was good for them.  It was hard to do but I really tried not to say a thing hoping they would see for themselves the best option.


The house they picked is a three bedroom.  It has an attached single garage and a extra double garage in the back that is new.  The house has good siding and windows.  The backyard is nice and private.  It just seemed like a good home for them.  The only thing that wasn’t my favorite was the kitchen counter tops and it’s a galley kitchen.  There is LOTS of counter space though.  The house is move in ready.

So the negotiations began.  UGH.  We knew the house had been on the market over three years so the kids went in with a low ball offer.  The owner was offended and things sat still for a bit.  After back and forths for a bit they finally came to a price.  It was a LONG process when dealing with a very impatient daughter.

But today’s the day….They signed papers!!  The house is theirs.

With them buying a house it’s likely the kids are making Waucoma their home for at least awhile.  I have to admit, I am tickled.  I’ve always hoped some of the kids would like close to us.

So here they are with their house!! In the photo you can’t see the nice double garage behind the house.  They have plans to do a few things as time and money allow but for now they are pretty happy.

This week they are painting and getting a few things done before they move.  The plan is to try to move before Thanksgiving.   All I can say is ah….that was a long eight weeks from first looking to now closing…but like I told Kalissa all along, the wait was worth it!

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  1. Awesome!! You are so lucky to have your kids close to you…mine are scattered between Hawaii, Texas, Oklahoma, and Idaho. It will be especially nice when the grandbabies start arriving and you are right there!!! Love the house – can’t wait to see pictures of the inside when the kids get in there!!!

  2. I am amazed and thrilled that young people can purchase their own homes where you live.
    In NYC people end up living with their parents forever due to the insanely high cost of housing here. Tiny apartments rent for over $2000 a month and sell for over million.

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