Some “crumb”tastic advice…

I’ve had a few question about the crumb along…I thought I would answer them here so everyone gets the information.

In the directions posted earlier today, my crumb block shows the geese on the diagonal.  Some quilters want to do that and are wondering how.  It’s easy…  Sew triangles to three of the sides.


There were more questions about how to get blocks to look more “wonky”….

Just make your blocks to 7.5 to 8 inches big.   Lay your ruler on the top and rotate it to test out how you want to cut your block.  I added a little illustration.


Image that these are all identical blocks.  The dotted area is the six inch size we need.   The block will end up looking “wonky” just by a twist of the ruler.

Remember to save all of the cut off pieces.  We’ll use them later.

Anymore questions….ask away.  Full Crumb Along directions for week #2 are here…don’t worry.  You didn’t miss them.

4 thoughts on “Some “crumb”tastic advice…”

  1. I have made my first block, and I am about to put it up on my blog. Then I am going to use your links to check out what the others have done! Thanks for providing the information and the information to get me going! Regards karen

  2. I wasn’t going to do this……. but my little fabric bits had other ideas, and before I knew it, I was sewing crumb blocks. LOL I’ve been keeping track of stash fabric used this year, and I notice you do too. Do you have a formula for figuring out how much fabric crumb piecing uses?

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