Some Answers…Maybe??

Well…Here are the doctor reports for me and Gannon.

Gannon first:

He went to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinic in Iowa City yesterday in hope of figuring out his abdominal issues.

Here’s Kalissa’s assessment of the appointment:
The doctor tried to explain away why his belly looks like that and chalk it up as “normal” again – “maybe a little more extra squishy than it should be.” 🙄

I requested a pediatric genitourinary specialist appointment. They can see us mid ctober. 

The entire appointment was about 10 minutes. 

How frustrating. Don’t be fooled by the smiles. I’m feeling defeated. I’m just trying to advocate for my little peanut the best I know how. Thank goodness he isn’t sick enough to be admitted or need immediate attention but I’m frustrated.

This is how his belly looked.

UGH.  More appointments to come for this guy.

Now my news….I went to Lacrosse yesterday which always means a trip across the Mississippi river.  I gotta admit, going was a little hard.  I thought about Kramer so much…so much.

I went knowing the results of my bloodwork.  The result came when I was writing a blog post on Saturday night.  The numbers weren’t good.  I’ve been working with my doctor for a while and I know the tests she typically orders so I sent her a message on the hospital messaging system.  I asked if she was going to want a neck ultrasound, which is routine for me, could she try to squeeze me in yet on Monday when I saw her.  She messaged me early Monday morning and put the wheels in motion for me to get that ultrasound.

So after a morning ultrasound and a chest CT scan, it was time to meet with my doctor.

My cancer is back.  My bloodwork number shot up.  I was told before that a treatment number was 10.  I was at a 6 and it shot to 17.

Now the problem is to find the cancer.  We’ve tried to find it before with no luck.  Today, we at least found a couple things that are suspicious.  There are a couple lymph nodes on the right side of where my thyroid was that have grown.  This is suspicious.  These are big enough that they can be biopsied…but first she wants a PET scan done.

So Thursday is the day they scheduled that….likely after that I’ll go through a needle biopsy and have the lymph nodes at my neck that are enlarged tested.

If this all comes back as cancer then I’ll have surgery to have the lymph nodes on the right near where my thyroid was removed.  Then I’ll have radioactive iodine treatment to clean up anything that might have been missed.

Then on the way home, I got a call from a scheduler for the PET scan.  UGH.  The PET scan need preapproval from my insurance company.  The “earliest” of that pre approval would be October 2nd.  I’ve had a PET scan before and that simply isn’t true.  I’ve had pre approval for the next day.  So I explained to the gal that my doctor asked that I get it ASAP.  She told me to keep my appointment for this Thursday and she’d see if she could hurry it along.

So…here we go again.  Back down the cancer road.  This is all similar to what I did before in March/April/May of 2016 so that’s a comfort.  I have a very good idea of what to expect.  It doesn’t make it fun…but we know what to expect.

My hope is that whatever or where ever it is, it’s found.  If we can find this now and treat this now, it will be done before the end of the year and 2020 can start fresh.

48 thoughts on “Some Answers…Maybe??”

  1. Jo, you know all of us that read your blog will be praying for you and Gannon. This all needs to get over so you can start 2020 fresh. Hugs.

  2. I wish there was a better answer for Gannons stomach issue, its so hard to wait for another appointment. Keep advocating for him Kalissa. I wish you had gotten better news Jo and I pray for some answers on your next appointment as well. Thinking of you all

  3. Jo, so much going on for you.
    I’m glad Kalissa is keeping in top of things. Why doctors can’t say I don’t know is beyond me.
    As for you my friend, you know that we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you for keeping us posted on e verything. You’ve become family to us and you know we love you!
    Love and prayers

  4. Jo, I’m sad for your diagnosis, but I pray they find it so you can be successful treated. God is by your side, let him take your burdens.

  5. I have so much respect for Kalissa in continuing to pursue this issue with Gannon’s stomach. She knows that things aren’t right. I can only imagine how frustrated she must be in being told that things are normal. Is ‘squishy’ even a real diagnosis??!! Of course not! I’m sorry to hear that the cancer number shot up like it has. I hope you can get that PET scan on Thursday and they can find that source and take care of it. Keeping all of you in my prayers.

  6. I’m sorry for this new development and will be praying for quick diagnosis and treatment. You have had enough to deal with this year.
    I’m glad Kalissa is being persistent. Mothers know their children best.

  7. I’m so sorry Jo, for the return of your cancer. Godspeed getting the testing done and treatment started! Kalissa, I’m so glad you continue to advocate for Gannon. I don’t think “squishy” has an ICD10 code :-(

    Praying for you all!

  8. This is not the news I was hoping to read. I’m sending positive thoughts about your upcoming tests and praying you get the correct answers and prompt treatment that will be successful. As for Kalissa, I hope she will continue to advocate for her little guy. I can totally understand her frustration. Since being thrown into being an advocate for my mom with the local medical system, I share her frustration. I have asked so many questions and requested so much information from her doctors and they have not been forthcoming. I have learned more about her situation by using the internet. I hate doing this but when doctors brush you off, what can you do? I’m shocked and disgusted at what medicine has become (at least in my community) it’s a disgrace.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear your cancer has returned, Jo. Weren’t your numbers “up” when you were treated during Kramer’s treatment? Why didn’t your dr. test you sooner than now? Seems I remember you were told 6 months to come back and that would be about now. I will pray for you and Gannon as well.

    1. Yes Mary. My numbers were up then but now they LEAPED and didn’t crept. Unfortunately there’s a difference. She told me to come back in 3 months. It’s more like 3 1/2 due to scheduling. It’s okay. We’ll do it with as much grace and dignity as we can.

  10. Kudos for Kalissa pushing further for Gannon. She is such a good and smart mom!
    Your family has so much to bear and you do it together and with courage.
    God hears our continual and many prayers for you all. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are loved.

  11. They say stress affects our health and can affect cancer as well. Given the stresses in your life for the past 6 months I imagine it’s impacted your health. Prayers that you find answers quickly and can get every necessary treatment quickly so you can get back to a “normal” life. Prayers also for Gannon. Good on Kalissa for continuing to follow up with Gannon. Mothers know when something isn’t right and a good doctor will listen to that.

  12. Aside from the arrival of two darling grandbabies, I can only imagine how happy you’ll be to see 2019 leave. Sending good thoughts for good health for all of you.

  13. You are having the year from hell Jo… losing Kramer, preparing to lose Jody and now your cancer has returned. Given the stress levels you’ve been dealing with, perhaps not surprising.
    You are amazingly strong… the family Matriarch and now it’s time to take care of you. So many people beyond your family circle will be praying and sending healing energy to you.
    A decade from now when you have a passle of grandkids in high school making plans for their futures you’ll look back and realise just how very much you have accomplished, how important you are to so many and how loved.
    Get well soon!

  14. My heart is bleeding for the Kramer family! Your family has had much more than a fair share of issues ( including Jodi and Gannon) but you all are “Kramer Strong! You are all in my prayers!

  15. Doesn’t anything show up in Gannon’s tummy in x-rays? It is so strange they can’t get to the bottom of his condition. For you Jo, this all has to be tough on you and the family. My Nephew just went through the same thing as you are going through with thyroid cancer. They operated on Him about a month ago and he seems to be doing good. He also is waiting time to see if all was removes. He had 10 lumps removed and he is hopeful all cancer got removed. So here it goes again. The visits and waiting. Two of the hardest things with Doctor appointments. They seem to not be in as much of a hurry , as we are ,to find answers, it is our body and want results quick, so to have peace of mind. Hoping and Praying all will be well with you.

  16. Praying hard for you Jo…that they can find the cancer and get it out of you now…..and for little Gannon too…I am so sad that you have to go through this…

  17. Oh, Jo. I just have no words. One thing and then another and back again. Praying for you and the family. You are not alone in this fight.

  18. Healing prayers are coming to you in so many different ways. Keep them wrapped around all of you as you get through this latest scare. Keep on, Kalissa! Gannon needs you. It’s high time for good news for your family. Peace be with you.
    -Jean ❤

  19. Continued prayers for you, Jo and your family. Praying that the cancer is found and treated successfully, and Kalissa can get the answers that she wants for Gannon.

  20. I’ll be praying for you Jo, that you get this all resolved soon. Also, I want to applaud Kalissa for not letting the doctors brush things off as normal that she doesn’t feel are normal. Good for her for following her maternal instincts and continuing to find answers.

  21. Jo, Your strength is amazing. I know it comes from your faith in God. We are a whole family of believers out here praying for you and your family. So glad that you reach out to us for support. This is one of the best uses of the internet…. bringing so many of us together for one common good and that is to pray for you.

  22. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Praying for both you and Gannon. 2019 has been a rocky road…hoping everything smooths out for you and your family.

  23. Hugs and prayers, we all wonder why you’re having to go through this. Praying you get the answers you need, for you and your family. I’m glad kalissa pushed passed the dr.s. reassurance that it not that bad. He doesn’t have to live with a baby that’s sick a lot. Good for her. Praying for all of you.

  24. Hang in there, Jo. I am hoping for good news, but whatever the news, you and your family have the support of the quilting community. We are all pulling for you!

  25. Gannon is so fortunate to have Kalissa for a mom as she knows this isn’t normal and won’t stop fighting until her little one is well. I am glad you have a good doctor for your cancer and someone who will work with you. You all will be in my prayers.

  26. My daily verse for today was about being an encouragement to others. On my own, miles away, I don’t feel very useful to you. My prayers will be for you, but also for those around you: the ones who are in a position to encourage. No one should ever go through hard times alone. And Kalissa, I pray you find that one person needed to get to the bottom of Gannon’s problem.

  27. Prayers for both you and Gannon he is such a cutie and I know what it is like to go from Dr. To Dr.
    Hugs and blessings to both of you.

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