Sock Monkey Quilt is Finished

Well the sock monkey quilt is finished…at least time around.  I bought two kits at the time so another little baby that comes along is going to get a sock monkey bankie (Bankie is my childhood name for blanket) too.  I don’t have anyone specific in mind yet but I do know several people who are expecting.

I learned a lot making this…I can say for sure that this experience left me a little lost on how people write pattern instructions.  People ask me all the time why I make so many Bonnie Hunter quilts….one of the big reasons besides liking the quilts is that I like the way she writes instructions!

So here’s the finish….


I admit, it is complete soft and comfy.  I might even admit that is was worth the pain it was to make it.

I already think the little boy who is getting it is wonderful.  I can’t wait for him to start childcare!!

The next one will be much easier.  I learned a lot….The main thing was that I don’t like minky and my patience for working with new things isn’t what it should be.

I am a little worried but not super worried.  Someone wrote in the comments that I probably should use a poly batting being minky is a poly fabric.  I never thought of that and had already put Warm and Natural in it.  UGH.  I hope that isn’t a problem down the road.  Does anyone know if it will?

Hats off to all of you out there that work with minky on a regular basis….I think I’ll stay a cotton girl.

Should I do this again, I don’t think I would buy a kit.  This quilts ended up small..only 28″ x 34″ or so…I typically like baby quilts bigger than that but this, I think, was meant more to be a cuddly bankie.

If anyone wants more information about the kit I bought to make this, here is the link to Debbie’s in Osage, Iowa.

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  1. The minky store section of Lolly’s in Shipshewana sells hundreds, if not thousands, of minky kits. I was at their store on Wednesday and a friend bought a kit. She asked what kind of batting they use and the clerk said Warm & Natural. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with the quilt. Were you able to quilt it or did you just stitch in the ditch? Blessings, Gretchen

  2. I’ve never used minky, but I don’t see why using cotton wadding would be a problem. All my quilts are cotton fabric and poly wadding and I’ve never had any issues, so I’m not sure why the other way around would cause any.

  3. Weight was one reason someone mentioned using poly instead of a cotton, minkie is already sort of heavy especially two layers. Sometime a layer of batting is not even used.
    I have one friend that loves to use minkie as a backing on lap size quilts. She has no problems using it on her longarm, but she has also done it several times and probably has it all worked out.

  4. I have made a lot of minkee blankets and have also made this one. I don’t put any batting in them and the are more “cuddable”

  5. I just had two baby quilts quilted with a minkee back and poly batting. I like the look and feel of it but sewing the binding on by machine was challenging…pretty puffy! I should have sewn a basting stitch around the edge before I cutt off the extra fabric and then I think sewing the binding on would’ve been more manageable.

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