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I was on a Facebook group that I follow for cross-stitching.  When I need a little break from it all, I like to go and look to check out what others are making.

I saw a post from a member of the group that was asking the owners of the group if they were going to start posting on Mewe.  There was an image that showed all of the “new” social media outlets some people were moving to as they are frustrated with Facebook and other popular social media outlets.

The writer was apparently disenchanted with Facebook and wanted to move on but she wanted all of her favorite people, things, groups to move with her to this newer site called MeWe.

Patently Apple supports the 'MeWe' Social Media Network, an alternative to  Facebook, on track for 800% growth in 2019 - Patently Apple
Maybe I was in a bad mood.  Maybe I was having a bad day but the request bugged me.  I think mostly because I don’t think the writer knew exactly what she was asking.

Let me explain…

I consider myself a very small fish in a very large ocean when it coming to the quilting/craft world.  Yes, we design a few patterns.  Yes, I write a fairly popular blog….but I don’t make my living doing this.  Many quilter/crafter people are making a living at it.

When people are trying to make it in this world, it’s hard, Kelli and I got a tiny taste of it, and there are demands and deadlines everywhere.  There are so many things people in the industry need to try to see if they might work.  There are so many things that are tried and don’t work.  People in the business have to try things without making any money with the hope that maybe, just maybe, whatever it is, might catch…and then months down the road, they might make a little money at it.

That is pretty much what happened when we tried to sell patterns online.  First, we had an idea.  Then we had to figure out if it was do-able.   Then we had to make the content.  Then the content needed to be formatted.  Many of these steps were completely new and untried for us.  It took a lot of time and research to figure out how to do this.  Then we try.  It seems to be working but then we figure out we are having to pay someone a commission on the sales.  Then we figure out how to cut that middle person out.  Then the whole operation has to be reformated and moved.  As I said, there is a lot of work behind the scenes here that is always happening and as I said, we are only a tiny fish in a very large ocean.

The other hard thing about this all is this.  Few people who design also love bookwork and organization and computer stuff.  I’m sure there is that rare fish out there that can do both, but if you ask any designer what is their weakness, most would likely say the emails, bookwork, social media, paperwork, billing type stuff.  The hard part isn’t thinking of the design.  The hard part isn’t making the quilt.  The hard part isn’t taking the pictures, it’s everything after that.  It’s the marketing.  It’s the pattern writing.  It’s the social media.  It’s the hype to get everyone excited about what you are doing.  It’s all the email that goes with getting a project out of my house and into your hands.

Right now one of the things I’m trying to do is to improve my Instagram account.  Right now it’s okay.  I don’t post enough.  I don’t link my blog posts to it.  I currently don’t know how or if there is a widget to help with that.  I need to talk to Kayla.  I need to talk to her when she’s not busy with Jasper.  I need to talk with her when I don’t have extra people here.  Then whatever we come up with, I need to do it.  That will be more minutes out of my day.  It might only be 10 minutes but that is 10 minutes that I have to give up elsewhere.  I think it might be worth it…but I don’t know.

When I give up that 10 minutes, it’s 10 minutes that I’m not quilting.  It’s 10 minutes that I’m not answering emails.  It’s 10 minutes that I’m not cross-stitching.  It’s 10 minutes I’m not writing blog posts.  When I commit to something for 10 minutes every day, that is one more thing that is cluttering my brain.  It’s one more thing that takes up space on the to-do list that keeps me away from designing or writing.

The problem is, so many projects want and/or need 10 minutes.  All of the 10-minute items in my day add up to hours.  Lots of hours.

So this person was asking if posts that were currently on the Facebook page, and the group that is currently on Facebook, would be going to the new social media platform MeWe.

I don’t think the person has any idea what that would involve.  First, an account would have to be set up.  Passwords would have to be recorded.  Then rather than load information to one group, the owner of the group now has to load it to two places.  Now rather than read through and monitor all of the comments on one group, the owner has to read through and monitor the comments of two groups.  Being the new group has a claim to not censor, it worries me.  I get a lot of emails, from Nigeria princes, porn requests, paid for sex, and all sorts of similar comments that I have to take care of and remove all the time so you don’t have to see that.  I have no idea what that will be like in an outlet that claims no censorship.

All of that computer and social media time takes away from the creating and the doing.  That’s what designers love.  That’s what keeps them doing all of this.

So I say, let the designers design.  Let them create content.  Let them shoot a video.  Let them be working on EQ rather than monitoring comments from an “alternate Facebook”.  Let them enjoy the part of their job that they love.

Right now, I’ve heard at the “new place” there are glitches and stalling.  All of that will equal even more time and frustration to the designers.

If this person wants something different in their life than Facebook, that’s their choice but I think it’s pretty demanding of them to expect designers to jump where they are jumping and do what they are doing, just because they are disenchanted.  If you truly love a designer, you will go where they are.

So…if you are looking for Jo’s Country Junction, you can find me here at  You can find our Facebook group HERE and you can find me on Instagram at jo_joscountryjunction.  You can find me on Youtube HERE.  For now, that’s enough.  I have no intention at this point of going anywhere else.  I don’t want to give up 10 more minutes of my day sitting behind a computer and not living life.  Might it change?  Maybe…maybe not.  For now, this is enough.

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  1. I worked at a small church (retired 10/29/2020) and I received so much junk/spam. The porn was the worst of it. I would spend 10-20 minutes a day clearing out unwanted emails. I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine how much you get from the trolls.

  2. Plus, is MeWe based in the United States or overseas? Just heard a scary report about how TikTok collects information from users, and MeWe might be doing the same. Not that Facebook doesn’t…

  3. shirley Theresa Kleve

    I totally agree with you. We have become a society will throw away everything if it has something we don’t like. Many times we can fix it and continue using it. There are things that aren’t repairable, then we may move on to something better. Many times the new will have the same flaws or new flaws. Do we give up again, and start over again. There is so little patience and acceptance. Many have come to the ideals that only their opinion matters and leave no room for tolerance and acceptance. We need to try to fix what we have so it is better for everyone. We need to accept different ways of reaching the same solution and accept some are wrong, but some are right and not everyone has to follow our choice just because they feel they have all the answers OK, sorry, that was a bunch of rambling, but getting fed up with people wanting everything only their way.

  4. I had to look back at the MeWe information which was 2012 when it was formed. I had heard about it at least 5 years ago and it was the latest and greatest. Facebook with all its problems has let us see far away family, classmates, cute kittens. Old boyfriends. I think I will just stay there too.

  5. I have seen a lot of people wanting to go there and to another one that has started. They want to move because they keep having their posts removed from facebook. Their mean spirited some political posts. They also say its because of ads on Facebook. I don’t think facebook had many ads in the beginning. One of the new sites charges for some things.
    I have to say I remember in 2004 when my daughter started college and she said Mom there is this great thing at school that you can join if you have an edu email. I can find all of my friends from high school at their colleges. Look what we have now!

  6. I hate facebook the only reason I am on it is because of the Block of the months that I participate in. I used to be hooked on facebook and would scroll and read for hours. But I hated the feeling of being stalked when adds would appear for whatever I had searched for. And after the Cambridge Analytical revelation I finally decided to give up the scrolling and regained my live. Now I follow a few on IG and bloglin’. I am not even sure how long I will continue on IG since Facebook is now trying to make their purchase profitable. I see more ads than designers.

  7. I enjoy Facebook. I’m able to keep up with family and friends. I haven’t experienced censorship, but my posts aren’t about hot-button issues. I get to see babies, weddings, pets, etc. that I’d miss otherwise. I can share my work, my art, and my congratulations and love. Yes, I scroll past a lot of crap, but for me, the positives outweigh the negatives. I don’t have time or the energy to learn a new platform, and I have no desire for the next “big thing.” …and now, I’ll get off my soapbox! :) Thanks, Jo, for your blog.

  8. Never had fb. Never will. I could, of course. I can see benefits. But, no benefit would outweigh the negatives. When I think of everything you have to keep on top of with the charity work you do…..I can’t even think how you find enough hours in the day! Blessings

  9. You are a wise woman. Enjoy what you do. You provide a wonderful humanitarian service to the quilting/creative world. I do admire your contributions to other groups.

  10. I’m so glad you will be staying with the platforms you’re already on. I found you before I spent much time on Facebook. I spend most of my social media time there outside of a few blogs that aren’t connected. My family is spread all over and it’s a common place we can connect. For all its faults it’s the best place out there and it’s free.

  11. I am also being invited by friends to join the on news and other platforms. Have looked into them and don’t like what they stand form. I like censoring incorrect information! Staying with FB for now, sticking to my hobbies.

  12. I get unhappy with FB on occasion. But I have an automatic blocker so no need to worry about porn, most of the time.
    I do enjoy the friends and family on FB.
    You do have the right attitude. knowing your time is valuable to be able to do what you like and need to do. Stick to your guns. You using common sense. Way to go!

  13. I am old, very old. I just figured out Facebook, IO groups, Zoom, my Midarm, my phone, my TV, the Roku box, the car, the appliances, Alexia and my head is exploding with all this technology. I picked up a hard copy book and I sat down to a real wooden puzzle with the radio today. It was so nice. Good for you.

  14. I used to read another designer’s blog and she became overwhelmed at all the social media she was trying to post on. She finally decided to stop doing it daily and posts only on certain days. I understand everything you said, it can be too much. I have cut out almost everyone from my FB account because I just want a few people who I really care about and who care about me, instead of Joe Blow I barely know. My hubby got sick of his relatives posting politics and deleted almost every person, he just keeps it for Marketplace. We can’t let computer time take over our lives, we need to live and enjoy our own corner of the world.

  15. Well, I have never faced booked. It hasn’t impaired my enjoyment of life. I can email or text my relatives I am close to, but who live far away. Honestly I could even use the phone! :) Like to read a couple blogs (obviously yours lol) and after that I am done. I don’t have cable and have poor internet service so I don’t stream TV. I know, I am living in the dark ages!!! You would not hurt my feelings if you don’t add another platform to your life, why would I ask it of you when I do not ask it of myself?

  16. As much as I dislike what Facebook and Twitter have done in the last couple of months, censuring people and comments, etc. I dont choose to learn something new. Boycotting isn’t always the best thing. Sometimes you have to stick it out and try to implement change in other ways. And moving away, you have to start a complete new set of friends. Its too hard.

  17. Like with most things in my life, I take from FB what I want and ignore the rest. Yes there are ads, I ignore them. Yes there are nasty comments, I ignore them. If I get porn, my spam filter takes care of that. I get the occasional “friend” request from a stranger but there is a delete button…What I get from FB is connection to more distant relatives, connection to old friends who live far from me (a few in other countries), and connection with like minded people in my groups. I have no illusions that another platform would be “better”. Good for you Jo for staying on your course.

  18. You are a very capable, intelligent person and you do what is best for you. I do use FB, but like the others, I bypass the ads and stranger requests and read only what is interesting to ME. I do not see your posts on FB hardly ever, I tune into your blog first thing every morning. I read a few others, and that is the extent of my social media life. I do not accomplish even a fraction of what you do, so why on earth would I add more “wasted” time to my life?! Do whatever makes your busy, creative life best and keep up the great work you are doing for all of us! Hugs to you,

  19. That smacks of people who want to tell you what you may NOT write about on your blog. Now directing pattern authors where to go on Social Media? What a me-centric society this has become. It makes me very sad and concerned for our future.

    I love that you do Jo ! Life is short. Enjoy your time and thank you for everything you do…..for your family, your community and for us-your wider community.

  20. Good for you Jo, your life needs to be driven by you, you set the limits and guidelines on how you want to spend your days and time. My husband is an IT guy and I have FB to stay in touch with friends, family and a few blogs I really enjoy. He has helped me with blocking junk, getting rid of stuff I don’t care to see so my page stays true to what I want to see and use it for. It takes time and he has only me to support since he retired but it takes time. I cant imagine the amount of time your Junction blog takes from you. I want to say, I look forward to your posting and I appreciate the time you do spend supporting it.

  21. I’ve also had requests to move to MeWe. I’m just not interested in setting up another account, remembering yet another password, learning to navigate new software. So far the groups and people I’m interested in are still on Facebook so that’s where I’m content to stay for now.

  22. Jo…your comments are so well thought out, you need to preach it from the pulpit! Hehe, not your calling right?!
    I appreciate all you do to keep us informed and a part of your life but I know how much effort it takes. I worked at a university that functioned primarily in the digital world and it was often challenging and an enormous amount of behind the scene work. People need to remember it’s your life and you get to control who is in your life and what you do with your time.
    Thanks again for letting us peek through the window!

  23. I’m a member of that group, and saw the post about MeWe. To me it seemed to say she wished it was on there, and maybe who else was interested before asking the administrator about it. I think she should have asked that question in a private message to the group owner.

    I found your blog through Facebook, but had no idea you had a group on there. Thanks for the info. Quilting is about the only reason I stay on Facebook.

  24. I know this isn’t exactly on point…..but I understand your point completely.

    I was laid off due to a business decision by the company I worked at for 28 years. I have now starting to look for another job…..what frustration….everything goes through algorithms with different software.

    It is not like it used to be….make an appointment and actually talk to someone about your qualifications.

    Keep doing you……I appreciate it.

  25. I understand both sides of this. Many are leaving facebook do to many reasons. People are being censored and it’s getting crazy on facebook’s part. A quilting person had one of her videos taken down. It was a video showing some quilting steps from strips. That is Teresa Down Under in case anyone here has heard of her. She and many other small businesses are being limited on how many people see their posts also. The list goes on and on and a lot of it has nothing to do with politics as some have stated above.

    Yes it is a mess to move stuff. I get it. It’s also a mess what facebook has become and they are getting worse.

    I do not do instagram, tiktok, nor twitter..never have and never will. Facebook was pushing it for me. I miss yahoo groups. I along with many many others are limiting their social media to very little. I enjoy getting the Bloglovin Digest with your posts on it. I love reading about you, your family, the day care, the dogs. All of it! I so much enjoyed the Craig and Jo show. I have no idea how you didn’t come home with so much more from that shop. LOL!

  26. Oops. My bad. I said I didn’t know about your facebook group in my earlier comment. I just realized I do. I had considered your facebook page to be a blog and not a group. It is one of the few that I look at, and am thankful to have found you. I admire all of the charity work you do, and it inspires me to keep doing what I can in my little corner of the world.

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