So We’re Having a Garage Sale

You read it right.  We’re having a garage sale.  It’s time!  I’ve wanted to have one before but have never thought people would come to the farm for one…plus I don’t think Hubby was ready to part with all his stuff back then.

Since moving to the house I have a whole new perspective of what I want and what I want to get rid of.  I’m so much more focused and content with less….but I can’t have less if we don’t find a home for all these goodies.

Here is a small start of what I have priced and ready to find a new home for.


We have another load or two to unearth from the spare garage…and the basement too.  There’s LOTS!!  So far, very there’s very little clothing and LOTS of primitive antique type things.

We’ll also have our book, Country Girl Modern, out for sale…and I think I’m even selling a few of my quilts.  They won’t be garage sale prices but they’ll be out and available.  So many people have been wanting to stop by and get a copy but feel uncomfortable coming to my home…well now you can come and not feel like you’re intruding a bit!

I do think I’ll have quilt magazines and some quilting books…and whatever else I unearth (no fabric…I can’t part with that) those will be at garage sale prices.  Hubby has a few ladders for hanging quilts over if you’re interested in those.


I have shelves that quilts can hang on…goodies galore.  I can’t wait to get up to my sewing room and through my decor stuff and really purge!!


I think my kiddos are bringing things too.  I really think it’s going to be a HUGE sale.

If you’re in the area stop by….we’ll be selling as part of Waucoma city wide garage sales on May 1st and 2nd this year. Hawkeye and St Lucas garage sales are the same day.  It’s bound to be a fun time.  Come by and join us!!  We haven’t settle on hours for the sale yet.  Watch the blog and post another update on more goodies and the hours.

6 thoughts on “So We’re Having a Garage Sale”

  1. Saw your book for sale in Paducah at Nancy J’s booth at the Rotary Club Show. I have not been to the actual show yet. That is for tomorrow and Saturday. I am holding out to buy one at the retreat in July.

  2. Quilting rulers? Are they duplicates or something? I use those all the time.
    Don’t price things too cheaply, especially anything that looks antique. The last sale I did I had a flea market seller help me price. He ripped the 50 cent stickers of the salt & pepper shakers and marked them $10-$20 a pair. They all sold in no time. He told me to mark a bowl at $75, but I thought it was too much so marked it $60. The right person came along and she would have paid double to have it. Crazy!!

  3. This is for you from yesterday’s post about runny noses etc. As a retired teacher, all I can say is invest in Lysol air spray. Wipe door knobs and telephone and toilet handles… kids are germ factories and if spray the house thoroughly after they leave and wipe down anything and everything they might have touched with Lysol (or equivalent) disinfecting wipes, you might get rid of the nasty things lurking on surfaces and in the air. I would also opt for the most expensive furnace filter you can afford… take more ‘stuff’ out of circulating air. I really believe in wiping door handles and spraying the air. I did it between classes every day, all day long, for the winter months. Good luck!

  4. Will you take pre-sales? Because I want the light green wooden box and the even the small on top of it in the first picture. . . but I can’t pick it up until July???? Let me know. . .

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