So Excited for Country Threads!!!

If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you know that my daughter Kayla has been working with both me and Mary (and Connie) at Country Threads Chicken Scratch setting up instant download pattern stores for each of us.  Mine launched last Friday with two patterns and today is Mary and Connie launch day.  Yahoo!!  Of all the things to tempt me on the internet besides cross stitch, I think their store is going to be hardest for me to resist.

I first learned about Country Threads from the first issue of Quilt Sampler with the “best” shops.  I still have my copy.  At the time I lived about an hour and half the store and thought that was so far away.  I made the trek once then it became a trip I made about three times a year…I loved that store and no store I’ve even been to has compared.

Mary and Connie were masters of color and design-the still are for that matter.  Over the years I’ve gotten to know the two of them but I’ll save that story all for another I want to tell you about a few of the patterns they are releasing.  I’m so happy because I have a few of them already made.

Civil Unrest is likely one of my favorite Country Threads quilts ever that I’ve made.  At the time they were doing a Civil War club through the shop.  We’d get a “starter pack” and a pattern with instructions but no picture of what the finished quilt looked like.  That meant the maker had to determine colors….so theirs looked like this….

Mine looked like this….I’d LOVE to make this bed sized..and do more of the Country Threads way.

The Blue and the Gray in my opinion would be perfect to make for someone in the medical field.  I love the red crosses in the sashing.

This one I saw before I made it.  I remember not knowing what to think about the rounded corners…did I like that or didn’t I?  I remember a week long debate with myself on whether I should round them or not.  This is what I ended up doing…. (sorry mine has been folded on a self and has crease lines)

I didn’t round my corners.

Check out those  cute little crosses.

You can’t see them in the photo but they are tiny…I love them.

I might make a quilt by someone else.  I might design a quilt from a fabric line.  I might do all sorts of different things when I’m sewing and making quilts but my heart and my favorites will always and forever be quilts that Connie and Mary designed.

Mary used to always say that they sold so many kits as people wanted to make their quilt just like the shop sample…I totally get it!!  I wanted to too…but for now, we can’t get kits anymore but we can have the patterns and that’s good too.

Those are the patterns that I’ve already finished of Country Threads, at least the ones they are releasing today.  They are re-releasing other patterns today as well.  You’ll have to go to their shop to see them.  The shop is suppose to open at 10am today.  So if you click THIS LINK and the shop isn’t open, stop back later.  I’m so excited and happy for them…

Connie and Mary had a question out on Facebook (Follow them HERE) the other day wanting to know what patterns their fans were wanting to be released.  My vote is maybe not the normal vote…I want Punchneedle patterns!!  I bought MANY of the quilt patterns but punchneedle are the ones I didn’t buy.  Hmm.  I wonder if they still have them.  I also want the ones that Connie did when she did some tiny paper piecing.  At the time, I wasn’t ready for paper piecing so never bought them.  Now I am ready and able to paper piece and I’d love to try that again.

Being my daughter Kayla (Ms. Pins Media) is working with Mary she used me as a guinea pig and had me try a pattern download.  I love that the patterns are vintage and include some of the same working that they did long ago.  I’m such a nostalgic gal.  So…if I ever get these UFOs finished up, I’m grabbing a Country Threads pattern.  It’s been to long since I’ve made one!!

Connie and Mary…I’m so happy you’re taking the leap and opening a store.  I’m sure you’ll do splendidly.

You can find the Country Threads pattern store HERE.  I’m so excited to say, COUNTRY THREADS LIVES ON!!

9 thoughts on “So Excited for Country Threads!!!”

  1. Thanks for doing the demo. I’ve never done a machine binding but will do so on this baby quilt I’m working on. It’s funny – I’ve read your blog for several years and just like when I read a book, I have a soundtrack going through my head of what the characters are saying. Your voice didn’t match my soundtrack at all. It was so calming and soothing. Worked great for me!

  2. So happy that your daughter is giving the Country Threads the technical help they need. I have long been afraid that they would give up because of technical issues. I too went to their shop after seeing it in a magazine when I was a new quilter and made some of their early quilts. Now I can’t wait to go through their online store and download things I want to make from my Thimbleberry fabric collection. A giant shout out to your daughters!

  3. I can’t wait for some of those patterns. They are perfect for using up my Civil War stash of fabrics. I have already tried and its not up and running yet. But I will check back later.
    Thank you for providing the link Jo!! And I love that you are now going to have downloads available for purchase. It’s the best.

  4. Hi Jo!
    Country Threads was always my number one stop when i’d go south to see my parents. Now that they aren’t south anymore, and Country Threads is closed, I’m so happy to see them live on in an on line shop! Thanks to Kayla for helping them.

  5. I’m so excited to see there on line shop up and running, thank you to Kayla for all her hard work. I cant wait to order the goat pattern from them. I always enjoyed there shop and parking at the garden gate and walking the path to the store was so enjoyable. I wish the best with the adventure.

  6. Bonnie Lippincott

    Bought that pattern right away! It’s name is “Civil Unrest,” so apropos for this time in our history! I love buying online digital patterns. Instant gratification. I bought “Big Star” from Jo right away as well.

    Great idea adding a “store” to your website!

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