So did the workers show up??

So the million dollar question…did the workers show up for the promised Tuesday date???

Well I got to the house at 8:25.  No one was there.  I did a couple odd jobs and opened up the house.  By about 8:40 the excavator and it’s operator showed up…


He quickly started working so I went into the house and started working on some things that I could do.  There is plaster that still needs repair so that was something I could easily do to keep me busy.

About a half hour later I got a telephone call from Hubby.  He had gotten a phone call-  The guys that were to come saw the foundation broke down but they would be coming tomorrow morning.  REALLY??

So the guy with the excavator left.  He did get this much of a hole dug though.

I decided I might as well go home too.  Apparently we’ll all try this again tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “So did the workers show up??”

  1. Sorry that you are going through this. We put a swimming pool in last summer and it took 3 months when we we promised 3 weeks. I don’t understand why they are so comfortable being dishonest. Hopefully your crew will decide to do your job next and stay at it through completion.

  2. We had a house built “once” it’s really stressful.Took twice as long as promised, try not to pull all your hair out and have a glass of wine each night!

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