Snowmobile Trail

Along the west boundary of the farm that we live on, is an old train track.  The actual tracks were taken out many, many years ago but the ridge where the track could lay is still there.  It had not been touched for years and years.  Trees and shrubs have grown where the tracks previously were.

A few weeks ago, a couple of the guys from the local snowmobile club started cleaning the dead trees and shrubs from the area and plan to use it as a snowmobile trail..


I’ve been taking the dogs and walking through the path.  I love it and they do too!  It’s a two mile trip to the end of the trail and back home.


On Thanksgiving, I took two to our girls, Kalissa and Kayla on a walk to check out the trail.  Of course, they could resist being silly.


I walk past the now harvested fields, past the rock pile and onto the snowmobile trail.  Each day that passes I keep telling myself, my outside walking days are numbered….soon the snow will fly.   Once the snow stays I’ll be stuck on the treadmill instead of outside.  I dread the day….each day I test the weather wondering if I should walk inside or outside or if I could manage to skip it all together.  Then I tell myself take advantage the weather is still nice and off I go….  I am enjoying the new snowmobile track…it’s one of the many things that I am thankful for.

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