Snow, Snow, Go Away!

A post from Kelli–

It is April.  It is also snowing…yes, snowing in Iowa.  I honestly think that we have gotten more snow in March and April than we ever did in December, January and February.  And for some reason, it keeps on coming.

And snow has me torn.  I love my house, but it’s seriously about 5 miles of gravel before I can get to a blacktop road.  And then it’s a county road that blows really bad and is notoriously crappy.  Similarly, I love my job as a nurse, but people don’t quit needing medication and care when it storms.  Last night took me about 50 minutes to make it home from the hospital.  Normally it’s maybe a 25 minute drive.  The worst part was that it was slick under the snow, so I just toodled along, but I made it home which was the important part.

When I was driving home, I had to stop at the farm and pick Jason up.  He told me that a semi had gone in the ditch by our house earlier in the day.  Jason said that the driver was okay and he even remembered to take some pictures for me–Double win!  I would say his training is going well!

As you can see, there was some damage to the truck, but Jason thought that it would likely be able to be fixed.  This is at the very entrance to our driveway.  What you can’t see is the lovely 90 degree corner that the semi needed to turn, but didn’t quite make.  To the right of the picture, there is a giant hill that is also notoriously icy, so going up is actually better than going down.  Jason told me that between him and our wonderful neighbor Wayne, they were able to get the semi pulled back out.

The good news is that the couple inches of snow that we did get is melting off pretty quickly, so that’ll be a bonus.  I stopped over to check out National Weather Service as I was sure that the weather has to be getting better some time right?!?!


Here’s our forcast through Monday–

I thought maybe I was reading wrong, but snow is mentioned 4 times from today through Monday!  UGH!

Since we can’t change it, I guess I’ll just have to make the best of it.  But seriously–If someone out there is doing a little snow dance, please stop!  Jason will be needing to get in the field sometime–Hopefully soon if mother nature ever decides to cooperate.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

13 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Go Away!”

  1. We had four nor’easters in March and they’re predicting more snow this weekend. Wet, heavy snow plus wind means trees and power lines down. Getting a tree guy to call you back takes lots of patience. But they are, literally, getting a windfall out of all the trees down. Right now, though, not much sleep.

  2. We got record snow, then it melted causing flooding, then record April rain causing more flooding, along with hail and a threat of tornado. Stop this crazy weather. I want the early 1980 year where I planted my garden in February and harvested acorn squash in early July.

  3. I’m 100 mi. west of Sioux City and we had that same snow on Mon. night & Tues. Have a good chance of getting another 3″ tomorrow night (Thurs.) into Friday. The beauty of snowfall has gotten old!

  4. Sucks here on the east coast too. Snow, rain and 50mph winds. I’m sick of it. Someone just said we only have three seasons: June, July and winter! Please make it stop!

  5. Yep-1-3 here Thursday night and 1-3 for Friday morning. . .I love a good snow day, but I also do not want to be making them up until the 4th of July.

  6. Even down here along the Texas Coast, we had another cool front today. High of 72. Should be in the mid eighties.

  7. We could use it here in Utah. We have had a very dry winter.
    There was a high over us most of the winter that sent the storms
    your way.

  8. Carolyn Sullivan

    Here is Cincinnati We have been getting snow flakes, frost and colder than normal temps. BUT Monday it was 77! Go figure. Drive careful and know that spring is coming, May is 25days away!

  9. My son is a farmer in Wisconsin. His weather report is also not good.
    However, here in NM, we are going through extreme drought and are starting our seventh (yes-7!) month of NO rain. Please send us your snow.

  10. I’m so glad that you got home safely and that the semi driver was also okay. The snow just keeps on coming for you folks in the Midwest. Be careful out there.

  11. Yep, across the border in NE Kansas, we had a “white Easter” last weekend and there’s more snow forecasted for tonight. There’s an occasional warm day in between that gives me hope, though.

    Stay warm this weekend!

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