Smoothies or decide

I am a mom that tries to not let food go bad but admittedly, sometimes the strawberries, bananas and blueberries get a little “iffy”.   When they do, I make shakes…

I don’t have a real recipe…

I can tell you a few things though.  They are wonderful with frozen bananas.  I take all my bananas that are going bad, peel them and freeze them.  When I want to make smoothies I just toss them in the blender along with whatever other fruit I have….today it’s “iffy” blueberries and “iffy” strawberries.

I add a carton of yogurt.  Vanilla is the best.  I add a little milk-not much-I add more if I want them thicker or thinner…oh I forgot the unhealthy part…I add a scoop of ice cream too-well I guess that was a couple scoops.


I blend it all up and yummy-yummy smoothies is what I have…or are they shakes?

If I am thinking healthy I use less ice cream…If I am making them for Hubby-I use ice cream.

The beauty is, old fruit that is ready to go to waste can easily be revived into something completely yummy.

To see other berry recipes, check out Patchwork Times.

5 thoughts on “Smoothies or decide”

  1. Shakes ~ Smoothies…. delicious either way. I try and remember to give my fruits a vinegar soak when I bring them home. Takes minutes and makes a world of difference in how long they last. I didn’t believe it until I tried it. I am a HUGE smoothie fan. I even blend & freeze my spinach to add and keep it from going bad. MOST of the time you can’t taste it. Added health punch. My hub won’t drink it if they taste like grass. I’m learning to be creative. =)

  2. That’s a milkshake. If you use juice rather than milk and leave out the ice cream al together then it’s a smoothie.

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