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Thank heavens I have kids who keep me up to date in this world!!  I am guessing many of you have heard of these but in our little rural world, I hadn’t so I thought I would share.

I’ve been so frustrated that when I have gloves on I can’t use my smart phone.   The other day I had my gloves on and wanted to use my phone.  I took my gloves off guessed it, I dropped my glove.  I know it’s only a matter of time before I don’t notice that I dropped one and it will just be gone.  Thankfully I just buy the cheap stretch gloves but I still don’t want to loose one.

Well over the weekend Kalissa was home and I noticed she was wearing gloves and using her smart phone.  I asked her how?


Apparently they have gloves out for smart phone users now.  Notice her gloves are pink but the tips of the three are black.  You can use those black tips on the phone and it will work.  I expressed a little excitement over that and then braced myself to find out the price.

I didn’t believe they would work so of course I had to try her’s on and try the phone too.  I don’t have a clue how it works, because the fabric on the tips feels no different to me that the other plain fingers.  I guess it’s just one of the mysteries in life…now about the price….


She told me to never mind because she was getting me a pair for Christmas.  Well I went into a whole rant about the agreement we made over no Christmas presents this year.  Then Kalissa said, “Gee Mom, it’s only  $2 a pair at Wal-Mart”.  Well I conceded.  She can buy me a pair if they are only $2.

Had I not had this teenage daughter of mine, I would have likely never known this.  I am guessing many of you would like to add a treat to someone’s stocking and these little gloves are likely the perfect gift!!  Small and affordable…something we don’t find too often now days.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until Christmas to get mine.

7 thoughts on “Smart Phone Gloves”

  1. There’s supposed to be a special thread in the fingertip that conducts the energy from your finger to the phone. I saw the gloves out last year, but they looked like skiing gloves. I like the variety they have this year. A huge variety, in all fabrics. Have fun! At least you know there’s one fun gift on the way!

  2. I was just looking thru a Cabelas catalog at work and saw this today. Theirs are more expensive than the Walmart ones. For the hunters in the woods, and other outdoorsmen who need the smart phone, perhaps for a gps when they get lost, these had a little pad on the finger tip that looked like a checkerboard with special fabric to conduct the energy thu.

  3. Last year, the Today Show had Isotoners on their Steals & Deals with the tips for texting. If you’ve watched Steals & Deals, you know they give deep discounts on them. I ordered them for the three oldest granddaughters, my husband’s daughter, and me! I love them.

  4. I think there is a kind of thread that you can buy to put a few stitches into a regular pair of gloves. I haven’t tried it myself; just read about it.

  5. Superior Threads just posted an article on Facebook about their conductive thread and how to make the smart phone gloves with just the thumb and pointer finger. Or if you use on all fingers you could type on a tabet.

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