Slow Stiching: Down a Rabbit Hole

I was over at Chicken Scratch Country Threads’ blog and saw these pieces.

Mary even included a close up picture.

Oh, my word. I just loved it.

I love hand stitching. I love old embroidery pieces. I love embroidery. I love the cute little birds.

In my excitement about it, I contacted my daughter Kayla. I sent Kayla a link to Mary’s blog. She messaged me back and said that she sells a lot of embroidery pieces and scraps in her Etsy shop for junk journaling and SLOW STITCHING. WHAT?? She does have packs of Embroidered work that are meant to be used with junk journaling or Slow Stitching.

I asked Kayla to send some links to her shop in case some on you might want to give this a try and don’t have access to doilies, laces and trims.

This is her shop Pins Thrift Vintage.
This is the link to scrap Doilies.
This is the link to trims and laces.

Slow Stitching. This technique has a name?? It’s a thing?? Oh, my word.

So down the rabbit hole, I went.

I typed “Slow Stitching” into Google. Oh, my word. There are books. I ended up ordering THIS ONE

I went to Youtube and typed in “Slow Stitching”. So many things came up. I ended up watching this one and others…

I remembered all the embroidery books I’d collected in the past….


I spent two days looking at everything I could look at and see about Slow Stitching and embroidery. Oh my word. I think this is something I’d love to try. It looks so fun.

But…I’d have to give up some of my cross-stitch time and some of my sewing time so I could do it. Hmm. It could really be fun.

I don’t know when I’m going to do this but I really would like to give it a try. So…I’m collecting. I’m collecting old linens and laces. I’m collecting old fun buttons. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to it, but I really want to give it a try.

Do any of you do Slow Stitching? Does anyone know much about it? Does anyone recommend anything?? Do tell. Tell me everything you know about Slow Stitching.

16 thoughts on “Slow Stiching: Down a Rabbit Hole”

  1. Jo, Slow Stitching is a hot trend right now. I follow Anne Brooks Textile Artist on YouTube and Facebook. Rachel at Roxy Creations on YouTube also does a slow stitching once a week, she uses them in her journals. Yes it’s a rabbit hole! Maybe you could have things ready in a bag to take along to Dr appointments. Just a thought. Love reading each day. Have a blessed day!

  2. The words “be still my beating heart” sprang to my mind ha! The pieces at Chicken Scratch Country Threads are gorgeous! Like you, Jo, I’d love to do something like this, but when do I fit it in?!

  3. Hi, can you please post a link to the page on Mary’s blog with the slow stitching. Thanks
    Love your blog.

    1. I too sat there and admired. How about a small for your displays. It might look good in one of your small frames. I was thinking a wall hanging. The birds help to unity it. I also would have to take away from something else, but boy it is tempting.
      So enjoy hearing of your thought process as you think through things in your life. It is real. Thank you.

  4. I was looking for something and ran into slow stitching on the Internet. It’s very intriguing, but I’m going to pass. I found out that it’s quite big now on Pinterest. I have quilting,crocheting, knitting, jewelry making, etc. I think slow stitching is beautiful but I don’t want to give up my other projects. Watch out Jo, you just might fall down that rabbit hole.

  5. Alex Anderson has some great, free lessons on hand embroidery on YouTube and the quilt show website. Here’s one series And another Hope these links work! PS…love the birds!

  6. I started slow stitching a year and a half ago when I happened on Rachel from Roxy Creations on YouTube. She and her sister Sarah were starting a stitch-along called Roxy’s Journal of Stitchery (Vol 1 in her playlists). The stitch-along lasted for six months and they taught me so much. I was already proficient at embroidery, and I quilt and used to cross stitch, and I found slow stitching and this creative sort of fabric collage was right up my alley. They’re on their fourth stitch-along project now and so far I’ve participated in two of them. I’ve bought books, including one by Tilly Rose, and boy, you sure can be inspired to shop! Embroidered linens are a favorite of mine. It’s true that you have to make time for it. I quilt, art journal and junk journal, make journals, have a big flower garden, and like to read a lot, also. It’s a good thing I’m retired so I can try to squeeze all these things into my day! I think hobbies and interests are such a blessing; I never get bored. I encourage you to watch some videos, find a style of slow stitching you like, whether it’s pure slow stitching (like kantha stitch) or combined with free form embroidery, like Rachel shows in Roxy’s Creations, and give it a whirl. It’s always so exciting to find a new interest that lights your creative passion on fire!

  7. I love slow stitching! I follow Rachel from Roxy’s Creations. She and her sister Judy is starting a new stitch along the first Wednesday in July. ( I think) So much fun to watch and see what they are going to do. Yes it is a rabbit hole and I went down it for sure!

  8. Google “stitch camp”. It happens in January, and it is a free and simple way to explore the process of creating with fabric, paint or dye and stitching. I loved it!

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