Slow Progress

The main floor of the house is really in good shape at this point minus the woodwork.  Everything is very livable.  I’m not having “make shift” my way through my days.  I love that.

Upstairs it not so much that way.  Every week Hubby asks me to make a list of what I need him to do and he works on it diligently.  I really admire him for the hard work he is still doing on the house.  Yesterday was the first day I put something for the upstairs on the list.

This is real life of how the upstairs is.  We have one spare bedroom in usable order and our bedroom is usable for the most part.


The upstairs bathroom was on my hit list to try to tackle.  There isn’t much to do there so I like to tackle those easy rooms first.  I think getting them out of the way builds our confidence and momentum to keep going to get more done.

We had this vintage cabinet for storage in the upstairs bathroom.  I love the cabinet but it does have a problem.  The door behind the mirror is just a big open space as the piece was once a wardrobe.  That open space was used for hanging clothes.  My plan was for Hubby to build some shelving so all that “junk” now sitting on top of the cabinet could be put inside.


Hubby and I try as hard as can to make our pieces functional for what we need without compromising the piece.  We know these old antiques can live for forever if they are just handled with TLC.    Hubby built a set of shelves that can stand on their own yet can be inserted into the space.

This way no nails or screws were put into the piece…thus the piece keeps it’s originality.


Well he’s got one thing checked off his list and I have one thing added on to mine.  Now the couple boxes that I had set aside that were destine to go into this piece now have to be unpacked.  This room just needs a good cleaning in general.

Hubby needs to get the door and frame put in and a shelf hung, they this room will be completely functional.

I do need to work on painting the outside of the tub but that’s just cosmetic.  I still really don’t care about all that at this point.

I am just so thankful that we are still making progress.  I still don’t regret that we moved when we did….I was so ready to move and these little inconveniences don’t bother me.  I sure am thankful when we get more done though.

7 thoughts on “Slow Progress”

  1. Mary Ann Harpe

    We are retired Navy and moved at least not so much in 20 years as in the past ,just 5 times. I can remember all the mess for weeks at a time before we would get it all settled. I know how you feel! But just think, you won’t have to do it again! I know how that is after DH retired, got a job and we finally bought a house.

  2. That shelf is so smart! Thank you for the peek into the wardrobe/bathroom “closet”! Painting the shelf a light color will make it easier to to find what you want in there, but perhaps that is a task for another day. You are both doing great!

  3. Love the wardrobe cabinet in your bathroom & the clever way of shelving it!! Jo ~ Please re-think the words “slow progress!” I think most of your readers will agree with me that you & hubby have made amazing progress all while life goes on!

  4. Ditto what Ruth and Penny said! So smart regarding how you guys did the shelving and you’re making fantastic progress!

  5. Lesley Gilbert

    Ditto what everybody else has said and I love how your hubby solved the shelf problem for that lovely cabinet. It’s really interesting to see your progress through your daily photo’s :)

  6. I love what you did with the cabinet. I have one of those, it’s one of my favorite pieces. I have wanted the wardrobe space to be more useful but didn’t want to nail shelves in. Thanks for the idea to do the shelves without nailing them in.

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