Slow and Steady….

I have been trimming the star points for my the Maverick Star quilt I am making for our daughter, Kayla’s, wedding.

The majority of these have been trimmed while I have been on the phone with one of the kids.  I just turn my phone on speaker and chat away as I trim.

Notice there are only a few left in my box that need to be trimmed…

Some people don’t like this kind of work, but I really do.  Sometimes I really enjoy the repetitiveness of mindless work.  I like the lulling feel of it.

This is definitely not a fast quilt to make with all the trimming but I am really enjoying it.  They say slow and steady wins the race.  I am hoping that is true as there is only a month to go before the big wedding day!!

6 thoughts on “Slow and Steady….”

  1. I love the scrappyness of your fabrics, I can’t wait to see the quilt come together. It is gonna be a beauty. My son is getting married on Saturday but their quilt won’t get done until after the wedding. It’s going to be a signature quilt of the guests attending their wedding, so I have to wait to get all the fabric strips. Have fun working on this one.

  2. Nice work Jo! I’ve been sort-of doing the same thing. I love HST’s. Because of some postings on a quilt group, I received several boxes of them this spring. I’m down with the flu-so I set up a cutting station in the kitchen and I cut for a few minutes between wanderings and naps.

    Now…on to my point/question. I am fnding my hands extremely sore/fatigued. I’m only 51 and not arthritic. HOW did your hands tolerate so dang much stress in such a short period of time? I want to finish this trimming project but I venture to guess I still have another 1500 to go! THANKS!

    Love following your blog-I’m a farmgirl at heart who lives in the city and grows food and flowers instead of grass :-)

  3. I love to trim. I set my ironing board up next to the couch. Put my Matt on there and start trimming away. I have almost a complete large ziplock bag full of trimmings. Love your blog thanks.

  4. Daisy Christopherson

    I am another person who likes to do repetitive work. It is a way to relax and also to see your progress without feeling like you just have to get something done in as little time as possible. That is going to be a gorgeous quilt when you get it all done.

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