Sloppy Joes–Philly Style

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With being in school full time, it seems I’m always looking for a quick meal that I can make relatively easily with ingredients that I usually have on hand.  I was scrolling through  Pinterest one day and found a recipe for Sloppy Joe Philly sandwiches.  I was pretty confused because it just didn’t quite make sense to me, however after I read into it a bit more, it sounded quite wonderful.


Philly Maderites (346x400)

I tried it and we ended up loving them.

One thing that I like about this recipe is that it’s easy and fairly fool proof.
I can’t seem to find the exact recipe that I originally used, but I know that I altered it a bit, so this is the recipe I normally use.  Also, you can cut it in half if that fits your needs better, however I made a larger batch so that we could have supper with leftovers.

1 onion, chopped

2 peppers, chopped

2 pounds ground beef

1 can beef broth

1/4 cup steak sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Salt and Pepper

Provolone Cheese

I started out by chopping up the peppers and onions and sauteing them in olive oil.  When I made it this last time, it just so happened that I needed to use up some onions and an extra pepper so I threw them all in.  Once they are soft, add the ground beef and brown.  Finally add the broth, steak sauce, and Worcestershire sauce.  Turn up the heat and allow the mixture to cook down until there is no liquid remaining in the pan.

Once the liquid has been cooked out, serve as you would a sloppy joe with a slice of provolone cheese.  Jason and I usually end up eating ours on an open faced bagel.

Another thing to note–I have made this a few times and realized that I didn’t have any steak sauce so I’ve just added a bit more Worcestershire sauce and it has turned out pretty wonderful.

Add some fries or veggies and there you have it!  Dinner in about 30 minutes or so!

3 thoughts on “Sloppy Joes–Philly Style”

  1. Kelli, if you’re interested in fast, yummy meals, check out I make a ton of her recipes, and she recently got an Intant Pot electric pressure cooker, so she’ll be using that for some recipes.

  2. Thanks for the recipe, Kelli, this does look good, and quick to make. Just the thing for me during tax season – quick and easy! I’m not a fan of steak sauce, so I think I’ll do what you did, just add some extra Worcestershire sauce.

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