Skipping Out

Saturday night Hubby and me, and Kalissa and Craig, were supposed to go out of the First Responder Christmas party.  They had a fun night planned with a party bus and hockey game in Waterloo.

Kalissa wasn’t feeling like going at all-she was pregnancy related.  I wasn’t really either-mine was overload related.  I have had such busy weeks with the new baby at childcare.  I have more work in the evenings now that I used to be able to do during childcare, like the cleaning and childcare laundry and bookwork.  That’s okay and simply a growing pain of having babies at childcare but still, it’s had me missing some me time which I thrive on….

Kalissa is getting to that point in pregnancy that most everything is a chore.  Sitting on a party bus and going to a hockey game didn’t seem appealing so I told her I’d stay home with her.  And like that, we were staying home.  Hubby and Craig were going.

I got the Featherweight down from upstairs…..She worked on binding her quilt.

Yes…my newbie sewing daughter machine binds.

She finished it and is so happy.  See?

We tried to get Carver to pose for a picture but that didn’t happen…well at least not for a nice picture.

For me, I pulled out the 301 to sew on….

I’ve not sewn of her since I had her serviced.  I bought her at the thrift store and there was a note that the tension wasn’t good.  I came home and played with it and it seemed okay.  But, one day when Connie was here, she sewed with it and it wasn’t okay.  I took her for a clean up and then she sat.

Well I got her and took her for a spin.  I loved her.  Oh my.

A couple weeks ago a blog reader had seen the machine when I did my sewing room tour.  She asked if I would be interested in selling her.  I seriously thought a might then just before I was going to hit send on the email, I changed my mind.  I’m so glad I did.

Carver want some attention and tried to play Peek a Boo with us.  What a HAM!!

I ended up grabbing something simple to sew….these.  It’s strips for the Geese on a String quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s new book.
These are for the four patches.  I’m getting more and more excited for these quilts as time rolls on.  I have a plan and I think they are going to look good.

…and once I pulled my strips from the 1 1/2″ tote, Betsy, Kalissa’s dog, snuggled right in for a nap.

It was so cute!!

Kalissa and I did feel a little bit bad about no going to the party but sometimes I think it’s okay to halt what’s going on and declare a day of R&R.  We both really needed it.

As we sewed we talked a bit that our days of easily hanging out are going to come to a real slow down.  We started talking about thing we have coming up on our schedules and Kalissa would say, “Um, I don’t know.  I’ll have the baby by then.”  Oh my…that baby is just around the corner.  That made these few hours we spend together even more precious.

9 thoughts on “Skipping Out”

  1. Kalissa’s quilt is darling! She’ll be a quilter yet! Taking the evening off together was the perfect thing to do. I’ll bet “the guys” didn’t even miss you!

  2. Carmela Cataudella-Sanzone

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your blog and all your good advice! I’ve learned a lot, especially about color theory!! I am planning on doing the lastest Bonnie Hunter mystery, Good Fortune, and definitely will be using your white vs cream, when selecting fabrics.

    My question is this, you make everything seem very easy (which is NOT), but you seem to always have a project ready to go. I can’t ever seem to find something to work on unless I need it right away. Can you share your methods on being able to grab something and already know what the project is?

    Again thank you for sharing your lives with us!!

  3. Ladies – great job on the quilt. I love the panel. Thanks for the photo of Betsy.
    She has a guilty look as if she knows she is not supposed to lay on the fabric, but she doesn’t care!

  4. Sometimes even good stuff just feels like more “stuff to do”, and a break is in order. Looks like your alternative plan was time well spent.

  5. You can’t beat mother-daughter time spent together. That’s a cute panel and you both did a great job with it. And the picture of the dog in the basket of strips is cute. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love Kalissa’s finished quilt & Carver is so cute no matter what! Mother-daughter time is the best! My little Jack Russell carried scraps in my messy sewing room to make her own nest like Betsy’s borrowed! Yes, keep the 301! 301’s especially the more difficult to find black(color) model are great, especially for piecing quilts, Jo!

  7. Barbara Firesheets

    Kalissa’s quilt turned out great! Loved the pictures of Betsy napping and Carver peeking through the sewing machine. So cute! Sounds like it was a perfect evening.

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