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On Friday night two weeks ago, after I got home from the doctor’s visit I sat down to write a blog post.  I was just finishing up when Karl arrived.  He asked what I was doing tonight.

Well, I explained to him that I had just been to the chiropractor.  I’ve actually been there three times in the last week.  I screwed my back up and we just can quite get it to stay in place.  It feels better when I leave…but sore and by the next day or so, the pain has returned to my hip/back.  It’s been 10 days of trouble so far.

I’ve done all I can to baby it.  I moved the furniture around in the living room giving me more support when I sit and stitch at night.  I’ve not done anything that I felt was stressful.  The chiropractor ended up asking me if I was doing unusual bending and twisting.

I said yes.  Little Lefty, my rescue dog is still at my house.  The fence of the indoor pen he is in has a little lip on it.  Lefty is so small that I often just bend over the whole fence without opening the door and scoop him up to take him outside.  She’s a fast little bugger so I am always bending and twisting when I pick him up.

I was given strict orders.  No bending and twisting at all…even be careful with the dishwasher.  I was told if I could limit any bending at all for a couple of weeks, that would be best for my back/hip.

I jokingly explained this all to Karl and told him I guess I can’t use the dishwasher so I better go out to eat.  It’s what the chiropractor ordered.  HA!!

Here we are out to eat!!

After some debate, we decided to try the new restaurant in our area called Sips and Savors.  It is in our neighboring town St. Lucas.  My daughter Kalissa and her husband Craig have been there a couple of times and enjoyed it.

The building it is located in is the old White House Restaurant.  It was long known as a place to go for a nicer, not bar food, meal in the area.   The couple that owned it retired the someone else came in and tried to make a go of it and failed.

Now it has new owners.  I know half of the owners and know that if anyone can make a go of it, she can.  We wanted to go out and support them and check out the food.  We thought being I got okay news from the doctor, it was okay to go out and celebrate…and I had to protect myself from bending over at the dishwasher.  HA!

We ordered drinks and waited to be seated.  Before long we were seated and looking at our menus.  While sitting there, Karl saw someone who had a familiar face but he couldn’t place her…it was one of those I think I’m supposed to know you moments.

He thought nothing of it and we ordered and once our food came, started eating.  I pulled this photo from …the restaurant photos.  It’s what Karl ordered, burnt brisket tips.  It was so good!!

We both ordered something different so we could try each other’s food.

I ordered the Aussie chicken.  It was good too.  Sorry, no picture.  It was basically smothered chicken with an amazing sauce on it….but very good.

Karl and I went whole hog and ordered a second drink.

Just about then the lady that Karl had seen with the familiar face came over and said to Karl, “Do you know me?”

Karl didn’t immediately recognize her.  Then she told Karl she was from our local school and she knew Kalissa too.  I told her I was Karl’s mom and she said, “Yes, I know you from the blog.”  WOW.  That was cool.

Then she told us that she picked up the tab and bought our meal for the night.


WOW.  Karl and I were so shocked.  I was so nice of her.  After the long day, I had…the drive to Mayo Clinic, the doctor’s appointment, the drive back, and the chiropractor, it was so nice to go out to eat and it was doubly nice that she bought our meal.

How fun to be the recipient of a random act of kindness.

Karl and I chatted all the way home about how nice it was…and then once we got home, I had to call Kalissa and tell her about it.

It was a wonderful reminder of how special and good a random act of kindness can make someone feel.  It was a wonderful reminder that I need to do little things for others more often.

Karl and I both want to say THANKS SO MUCH to the gal that picked up our tab.  We so appreciate it.  You made our day!!

Sips and Savors was really good.  The food was great and the service was good.  They are a new restaurant, only open a month, so they are working out a few kinks.  All that will get better and better as the crew working gets more practice.  We will definitely be going back again.  We’re so excited to have a nice dining option in our area.

13 thoughts on “Sips and Savors”

  1. I hope your back gets better and that this fun time out helped! People are so generous and nice, such a sweet gesture by that gal. The food sounds good too. Even though you live in a small town there seem to be a good variety of eating places nearby. So fun to eat locally.

    1. There are good eating places around us. We typically have to drive anywhere up to a half hour away thought. For us, that’s still local. We are a family that eats out quite a bit. It’s our entertainment and food. We aren’t big vacationers. We are so lucky that all of the places are not chain restaurants and each has their own unique appeal.

  2. Mmmm, I wish I lived closer, I would love to go there too! Please be careful Jo , remember your back. Take care

  3. Buying your lovely dinner wasn’t a “random” act of kindness. It was deliberate and welcome and appreciated. At least, that’s how it looks to me. And what fun for your benefactor to be able to do that for someone who generously provides so much enjoyable content for so many of us every day.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Sorry your back has been giving you trouble…makes life difficult when you hurt!! I think I remember you mentioning you had a tens unit…does your chiropractor think that would help you as well? What a lovely surprise to have dinner purchased for you and Karl!! Kind gestures create the best kind of ripples!!

  5. yes it was so nice to hear of your having been the recipient of a random act of kindness after hearing of all the things you do for others. !!!!!!
    Have you tried the lidocaine pads for your back while you are giving it a rest ??? Not sure whether your chiropractor thinks about them but if they are not contraindicated with any of the meds you are taking it might give you some extra relief. They do not require any extra tape etc to keep them in just the right place and no greasiness on your clothing. See what your RN daughters think also.

  6. What a nice thing to happen.
    Have a suggestion about the puppy. I have chronic back issues that sometimes flare, and have had the same issue getting puppies out of an ex-pen without bending.
    Use a slip lead. You can lasso the puppy–if they’ll stand to take food it’s really easy–hold the leash in one hand, open the door with the other, then hand it to yourself through the door.
    Then your puppy is under control and you can get right out the door.
    I usually keep a reacher handy so I pick up a dropped leash without bending.
    I also use the reacher for picking up and putting down food dishes and water buckets.
    And training your own dog to pick up dropped items us very helpful. One of mine could bring me a cordless handset in the pre-cellphone days.

  7. Carmen Montmarquet

    What a wonderful act of kindness, you so deserve it! And great you and Karl enjoyed the food there, even better! You do so much for others, it’s nice you were recognized! Sounds like a fun restaurant, wished we had one like that here!

  8. How nice that she did that for you both and I’m glad you enjoyed the new restaurant. I hope your back continues to improve.

  9. We enjoyed the White House restaurant when we were in the area. That garlic bread was amazing!!!!! I’m glad to see something has gone in there and I hope they succeed.

    I’m sorry about your back pain. I think back pain is amongst the worst! Please take care of yourself and keep going out to eat. How nice that your check was paid. You deserve it!

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