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The last time I was thrifting, I ended up finding a bucket of these…Squigz.  You can find them HERE.  This is the second set I’ve found.  Kiddos here love them.  They suction cup to the windows and lots of other things too.

I had the kids during the day and the kids played with them.  When my adult kids came to get their kids, the Squigz were sitting on the table.  The next thing I knew Craig had suction-cupped one to his head.  Kalissa bust out laughing as Craig had them suck to his head and was trying to have a serious conversation.  Then Kalissa tried and couldn’t get them to stick to her head.

At the time, Kelli was in the shower.  She came into the kitchen and was curious as to what all the laughing was about.  Then she tried and WOW…she got many of them to stick to her head.

Then Carver tried.  We were all laughing and laughing.

At one point Kalissa told them to stop because her stomach hurt so bad from laughing.

Craig was really good at it…me and Kalissa not so much.

In the end, it was official.  Kelli was the champ at Squigz.  She was so honored!!

Goofy, I know but boy it was fun.

Speaking of fun…
I had told you all that Kayla came home.  No one knew it except me and Kayla because it was last minute.  Kayla and I ended up going to town to go thrifting.  Then we were going to burritos from the taco truck but they weren’t open.  I suggested going to a different place Kayla hadn’t tried.

Kalissa and Karl both had taken me there.  Kalissa is crazy about the Tatchos (tator tot nachos) so I thought I would introduce Kayla to them.  As we were sitting there eating, I got a message from Kalissa.

The tatchos are great.  They had really good tater tots covered in chorizo, feta cheese, jalapenos, and other good stuff.  Kayla and I split an order and also ordered two Norweigan tacos (lefse, salmon, and lingonberry sauce)  YUM!!

I ended up sending Kalissa this picture…

Kayla and I drove home.  I stopped and filled gas.  My phone pinged…Kalissa was writing.

My words are in purple…Kalissa is the one sending the memes.

I sent this picture…
This was a good laugh too.

Speaking of laughs Gannon is a hoot!!  He thinks he understands the concept of being “bored”…only he thinks the word to use in that case is boring.  So the other day I was juggling all of the kids trying to get their drinks.  I was helping the other kids first.  Gannon says, “Come on Grandma Jo, I’m boring.”…meaning he was bored from waiting.

If you remind him of something he says, “I got-for that”.  That means he forgot it.

I bought Georgie a ball glow at the thrift store.  Georgie forgot it at my house.  Gannon found it.  He came running into the kitchen, “Georgie got-for-that her baseball practice.”  Meaning: Georgia forgot her baseball glove at my house.

WOW…he takes some deciphering.  We are always laughing at something he says.  Thankfully he doesn’t get mad when we do and he takes correction so well.

I’m gonna really miss this stage when he grows out of it.

So…that was some of the latest silliness with the Kramers.

12 thoughts on “Silly Family”

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    Family is so fun!! Ours just got together for the first time in 5 years!! We are 66, 70, 77, and 79! We were together from Sunday night until Wednesday noon when 3 of us came home. All we did was talk and laugh!! It was wonderful! Some reminiscing… My brother remembered coming up behind Mom, who was standing on a chair. He put a plastic clothes basket on her head, She turned and looked with her hand on her hip and gave him a look…she was in her pj’s to top it off , and someone took a picture of her! We all laughed about that, again and spouses hadn’t heard the story.
    Keep on being silly…so many good times! Your family is so special, Jo. Thanks for sharing times like these!!

  2. Silliness and laughter is so good for the soul! It is so wonderful that your family gets together and just has fun!

  3. Great stories! Humor is essential to well-being. LOVE, LAUGH, RELAX, DREAM. What more do we need?

    I love your date!!!

  4. Susan from Michigan

    Your family is so much fun! Laughter is wonderful and I’m sure you cherish those times. It is a blessing that you can be so at ease with each other.

  5. Offspring of a certain age have the whole “communicate by meme” thing down pat. I wouldn’t have the patience to find the right ones to use lol. What a fun post! I went thrifting and found some household things I’ve been needing, cereal bowls, for example. But my big find was an Aladdin kerosene lamp! I’m so thrilled. I just need the mantles to come back in stock. Just thought I’d share

  6. Glad you shared your “date” with us all, so sorry he fell asleep on you and brought his mother, lol

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