Silk Ribbon Embroidery

A sweet blog reader sent some goodies my way.  In one of the boxes were some skeins of silk ribbon for silk ribbon embroidery.  I snapped it up right away.  It’s been years and years since I touched the silk ribbon but from house to house the ribbon has moved with me.  Years ago, I got rib on my old cross stitch stuff, but this silk ribbon floss I’ve kept right here in this old sewing basket.

I ended up down a rabbit hole.  I checked to see if I still had my books on silk ribbon embroidery.

I did.  Here is one of them…

I have several books.  Oh, I loved making beautiful roses and flowers.  It tempted me all over again.  Oh, I’d love to do it again.  I didn’t keep any of the pieces I made back in the mid 90s.  I wish I had saved them.

As I was paging through the books I found a few pages ripped from a magazine.  OH, that’s right.  I put silk ribbon embroidery on a jumper for our daughter Kayla.  The dress was similar to this.  She wore it all the time.  I was pretty positive that what I stitched was a little girl who was jump roping.

I paged through more of the papers…Oh, I remember these so cute.

…and there it was.  It was the little pattern I used to stitch the jump roping girl on Kayla’s jumper.

Well…that got me all nostalgic.  I wonder if Kayla kept that dress.  I’ll have to ask her.  Better yet, I wonder if I could find a little jumper at the thrift store and stitch a little girl in silk ribbon on it.  Hmm.  I have three granddaughters just old enough to wear a cute little jumper.

The hunt is on!!  I just might have to pull this out even if I don’t find a jumper.  I’d love to make a little pillow for a dough bowl.  We’ll have to see.

Many thanks to the blog reader who sent the silk.  It was a fun trip down memory lane.

Are any silk ribbon embroiderers out there??  I’d love to know if there are.

18 thoughts on “Silk Ribbon Embroidery”

  1. I’ve never heard of silk ribbon embroidery before, I’ll have to look it up on YouTube. I hope you find a jumper, I’m intrigued to see it :-)

  2. I jumped on the bandwagon back when it was a thing. I even took a course and have some of the books that you do. LIke you, I still have the stuff, but………….that’s not high on my list of things to do before I get really old. LOL

  3. I never was tempted to do it, but not sure why since it is very beautiful. I hope you find the right jumper to put it on and then you can show us. I plan to stick with quilting and cross stitching!

  4. I once had a sewing basket shaped like yours, with that U-shaped trim on the inside! That ribbon looks so pretty, but I never did any ribbon embroidery. Good Luck!

  5. I used to do silk ribbon embroidery years ago also, but what got me started with silk ribbon was smocking. I made numerous dresses with silk ribbon smocking for my daughters, niece and I still have one of dresses and all three of my granddaughters have worn it on one occasion or another. Again, fond memories.

  6. I did it for a while back in the day – still have some ribbon and I think I have that same book! Now I’ll have to go look through my things too…

  7. Oh, my, that brought back memories. I dabbled in silk ribbon embroidery back in the 90’s. I did (or I should say I started) a BOM from Piecemakers when I lived in TX. I really should dig that one out. I enjoyed learning a new technique but I think a move got in the way and I didn’t get back into it. I, too, have a little collection of silk ribbon that needs to be used. I’m anxious to see what you do with yours. Have fun!

  8. I still have a blazer that With silk ribbon embroidered lapels that I did. I can’t fit into it but I have it! It was a lot of work, but I was down it’s a broken ankle so I had a LOT of time to do it.

  9. I have heard of silk ribbon embroidery. Now I need to go check out U- Tube and see what its about. Cute idea to add it to some jumpers for the granddaughters.

  10. Oh my, I used to do SRE (silk ribbon embroidery) all.the.time. I did scores of projects and still have most of them either hanging or stored. As I recall, Bucilla is an OK brand, but on the lower end of the durability (and color) scale. Perfect for a beginner but probably not the best choice for clothing or repeated washings.

  11. That old sewing basket is very similar to one I got from my mom (who passed away last year). Now you have me going down memory lane!

  12. I enjoyed embellishing sweatshirts and plain red shirts back in the 90’s with silk ribbon embroidery. Hmmm may have to resurrect that in my artful visible mending. I used a fabric stabilizer to keep the fabric from becoming distorted and stretched out. My favorite stabilizer is available through Sublime Stitching. I found it to be the easiest to remove so far in all I’ve used in recent years.

  13. Hi Jo – I did some silk ribbon embroidery back in the 90’s – just like you I’ve kept the ribbon all these years! I do have one piece that’s partially done and it’s really beautiful- I should finish it. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

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