Silhouette Cameo

Last year Kelli and I bought a Sihouette Cameo.  We thought we’d love it.

Well we did love it..the idea of it.  When it came to operating it and learning to use it…Not so much loving it.  I am so impatient when learning something new.  SO impatient.  Well Kalissa asked to borrow it this fall and guess what?  It sat unused at her house.  FINALLY on Sunday she contacted me and said, “Come over.  Let’s do this.”

I didn’t think I would be any help at all….zero.  None.  It turns out we did okay….

The whole thing is really two part.  The computer part where the project is designed and the printer part that cuts the design.  We grabbed the first design that we kind of liked….anything to get us going.  We had vinyl so it was a vinyl project for us.


The vinyl went through the cutter (printer)….  It cut the design which said “Thankful and Blessed”.  There is a paper on the back of the vinyl.  Kalissa lifted the vinyl and the words stuck to the paper.  She had to use an exacto knife to lift the extra vinyl in the middle of the letters.

Then she put a sticky tape onto the letters.


The dogs wanted in on the fun….


She use a plastic tool to rub them down.

Then she lifted the grid paper off the letters.


From there she stuck it to the glass of a picture frame.  Then lifted the sticky paper off.  Here’s the finished product.Kalissa-10

It’s SUPER easy.  It’s actually pretty fast too.  I think a person who knew what they were doing and had their stuff organized could make this in about 25 minutes.  The cost of the vinyl and the tape to make it was about $2.  That’s not bad at all.  Kalissa plans to do a little thrifting and see if she can find some cute frames.  She’s got a few other things in mind to make.

I think one of the next things she’s going to try is to do an iron on for a T-shirt.  It’s fun to try some new things.  I’m just thrilled it’s finally getting used!

Do any of you have a Silhouette or Cameo?  I’d love to hear about the projects you’ve made.  We need some inspiration.



12 thoughts on “Silhouette Cameo”

  1. Very pretty and looks like fun… but if I bring another toy in the house, I think my husband’s going to take away my computer.

  2. Tonia Collins

    Don’t havr one but ha e been looking online at the Aqquilt stylus 2 die cutting and options for fabric laser cutters. anyone know of someone who uses laser t cut quilt blocks? I want something a little more advanced than the brother design n cut or scan n cut.

  3. Jacqueline Mills

    My daughter has a Silhouette Cameo and has started a business making board signs that are so popular in decorating these days. She does birth announcement signs, welcome signs, signs for parents and grandparents, any occasion really. If you are on Facebook look up the Barclay Birds and you will see the work she and her partner do. She also does T-shirts for her children and many different gift items for the many birthday parties they seem to go to. She loves her Silhouette!

  4. Thanks for this article. I too bought a Silhouette last year, took it out of the box and that’s where it has been since. If you find the time, would you put instructions on exactly what you did. I’m still a little terrified of mine. I have read a lot of articles on how to do things. One lady uses reg contact paper to make stencils for wood signs.

  5. It is so much fun. I have put vinyl on just about everything. Glasses, mugs, car windows and tshirts. I use a pin when I am weeding the designs (removing the middle of the letters). When you put vinyl on tshirts you have mirror the image. There are several face book groups that will be of help when trying to use your machine.

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter

    You know those cool projects you went to that class to make? They use the same thing, except you remove the letters and tape the rest down and use it as a stencil! You can do both the positive and the negative…you choose!! How cool is that??!

  7. Have you tried doing a design with a quilt block? I think that could be really cool. Does the color come from the vinyl that you use? Any way to make it multi-colored? Just wondering . . .

  8. My sister has a cricut, it looks to be the same. She has made quite a few things: Christmas ornaments with lettering, Wine glasses with cute sayings, Wall art…

    I myself have enough hobbies so I just have her do things for me:)

  9. Rhonda Russell

    Our school has a Cricut and it gets a lot of use. You could use it to cut out letters on magnetic paper for your day care kiddos. There’s A LOT of ready made designs that you can download and cut out on various media. The instructions for the Cricut even said that balsa wood could be cut out by the Cricut. The kiddos could pick out their design and then color it after you cut it out. Wonderful gifts for parents. I’ve also seen designs on felt for 2-d dolls and clothes to put on the dolls. The activities are endless. We even have a cartridge (ours in an older version) that has all 50 states–we’re planning on making a puzzle for the kids. Have fun!

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