Showering Some Love on Ray

Oh, my word…You all have been showering some love on Ray.  He’s been sending me regular messages showing off goodies you’ve been sending him.  It’s so sweet.

First is was a box of fabric from Colleen…

…and now goodies from Maureen.

Ray writes:
Maureen M, from Ohio recently contracted me after a post of quilts I finished on your blog. She says she is getting older and is slowing down some with her quilting. She said she had some tops and some fabric that she would like to send me if I would like. Of course, I said yes. Yesterday a BIG box was delivered by UPS. In it was yardage and flimsies from Maureen. Attached is a picture of the yardage with over 30 yards of beautiful fabric. Talk about fabric heaven!

There were 3 tops made with alternating print and white fabrics. They are so pretty and unique. Two are made with 2.5-inch blocks and are 53 x 65 and 54 x 60. The other top used 3.5-inch blocks and is 53 x 53.


The next top is a disappearing 9 patch top of a variety of fabrics and colors. Wow! It is so pretty and measures 45 x 45.

The next top measures 39 x 39 and would be a gorgeous baby blanket with bright green and orange blocks and an adorable print.
The next quilt would be great for a young boy with a wide variety of 6-inch blocks with trucks, tractors, frogs, bugs, and lizards.  It measures 44 x55.

The last quilt is an around the world quilt in purple that is made out of 4.5-inch blocks. Stunning!. It measures 55 x 60.

Many thanks to you, Jo, for all you do to coordinate people, resources, needs, and supplies to keep this all going in the right direction. Definitely air traffic control job requirements. And thanks to Maureen for the tops and the fabric as they will be put to great use for those in need in the area.”

Ray got another box of quilt tops too…

Ray writes:
I received a box in the mail yesterday from another of your blog readers. Gina C is in NY and loves to make quilts but has been unable to find anyone close to her to longarm them for donation. Thanks to you and, she was able to find me. She sent me 5 gorgeous quilts and included backing and binding with some of them. Here is what came in the mail:

The first quilt has various star blocks set in an Irish chain pattern. The colors are awesome and the layout is wonderful. The quilt measures 70 x 91. Gina included light blue fabric for the backing and pre-cut binding in a royal blue.


The next quilt is a hexagon pattern with bright. bold fabrics. It is definitely an attention-getter and measures 87 x 98. She included white binding to use once it is quilted.

This quilt will generate Spring fever with all the big, bright flowers. This one measures 63 x 83. Gina included blue floral fabric for the backing and white binding.

I just love the stars in the next quilt. Gina used a light gray solid for the background and beautiful bold batiks for the stars. Take a look at that border. Spectacular. This quilt measures 73 x 73. She included the backing of white fabric with gray print and batik binding in blue and green.

The last quilt is a reverse star pattern. The darker charm squares really set off the white stars. This one measures 73 x 81. She included a tan print for the backing and dark blue binding.

Thank you Gina for your generosity and Jo for all you do connecting everyone to get these beautiful community quilts completed.”

Ray was contacted by another blog reader.

Ray writes:
Several weeks ago now, I received a nice email from Tammye M in Jacksonville, FL. Her mother had a quilt shop and passed away about 3 years ago from breast cancer. Tammye still had a closet full of fabric and needed to make room in her home and wanted to donate the fabric to someone that would use it for donation purposes. She had searched high and low on the internet and had found my name. She was not sure where but she had found me and saw on Facebook that I did charity quilting. Well, today she drove down to near Tampa and I drove up, about 3 hours drive for each of us. She is really nice and misses her Mother dearly and feels so good that the fabric is now going to be used to help others. She had 9 Ross, Dress for Less bags full of all kinds and sizes of fabric.

Each cut was neatly folded and stacked in the bags. Oh, to be so organized! I have not had a chance to go through it to see what all is there. Needless to say, there will be plenty to choose from for borders, backing, and binding.”

Ray also got a box of quilt tops from the Cresco ladies that we didn’t realize weren’t photographed.  We will show them to you all as they get finished.

WOW…it’s all can say.  WOW.  Thank you so much to those of you who have loved up on Ray.  I always say I need a secretary to handle everything coming in and out.  I can honestly say, I think Ray needs one too!

16 thoughts on “Showering Some Love on Ray”

  1. Such stunning quilts. I think Ray will be a busy quilter for a little while, thanks to everyone’s generosity! Thank you everyone. So many good, generous people out there.

  2. Fantastic contact between those with resources and Ray who will use them wisely and timely.

    Yea Jo! All because of you :-)

  3. Wow! Beautiful quilts and fabric. Would even be perfect for fundraisers. Ray is going to have lots of fun!

  4. Christina Coats

    im absolutely stunned at the beautiful quilts & fabrics donations to Ray. He must be in heaven. You have got me thinking if such a network is available near me. I’m in the UK. Off to send messages on Facebook and see if there’s a chance. Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful feel good vibes every time I read your blog Jo
    Love & God bless

    1. There is a group called Q4CL we make hugs for people coming out if care there is a Facebook page if you are interested.

    2. Christina. I have many readers from all over. Please feel free to share info with me and I’ll write a post. Who knows? Maybe people in your area will donate.

  5. That’s incredible!! Can’t wait to see what Ray does with all that fabric and how he will finish each of those lovely quilt tops. It looks like he’s going to need another of his metal racks!!

  6. What a blessing all of you are. Jo you should be the proud of all the good work you have encouraged everyone to do. The quilts are beautiful.

  7. I think Ray will be busy for awhile, all he needs is some batting and thread. Beautiful quilts and fabric. Thank you ladies, Rsy, and you too Jo. Someone will be smiling when they recieve their quilts.

  8. Beautiful! Thanks to all of you for your donations and the love and care you give these quilts for many people!
    Love and prayers

  9. What generosity! Maureen I really like your quilts made with all those blocks, the fabric pieces are wonderful to look at. Those charming boy quilts with frogs, trucks will be truly loved. Gina, what lovely tops you sent Rays way and to send backing & binding is a nice addition. I love the hexagon and all those bright colors. Wow! on the 9 fabric bags for Ray. I just know it will be fun to see what he uses it all for, kindness is shining brightly with all the donations for Ray.

  10. Your effort to match spare items to people who will put them to use was genius. I was able to find someone to take a box of fabric that I had, knowing that it was what she and her group wanted. Thank you!

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