Show and Tell Challenge

It’s a little bit over two weeks before we host the big retreat with us and Bonnie Hunter.  We can’t wait.  Although we are REALLY busy both Kelli and I are trying to get a Bonnie Hunter quilt finished (or at least the top finished) so we can bring it to the retreat for show and tell.

I already have my quilt top Spoolin’ Around finished but I’d really like to get it quilted and bound before the retreat.


Kelli has he Fair and Square quilt almost finished.  All it needs are the borders and then it will be a quilt top.

How about you…would you like to join our challenge?  The goal is to get a project further along or maybe even to get it finished-either a Bonnie Hunter project or a project that Kelli and I have designed.  I know that’s not much time…but at least it will challenge you to get it out and get a little bit further on it.  We are applauding any progress so don’t feel like you have to finish something.   For Kelli and I both we are so close to finishing that we really want to completely finish the projects…you can make your own goal whatever you want it to be…maybe you’re a retreater and you simply want to get your fabric packed and ready to go…Maybe you’re someone who has already seen Bonnie and want to just get the project you started in class out and going on it again….Maybe you are a reader who just needs a little summer time push to squeeze in more sewing time.

If you’re a blog reader show us your progress via a linky I’ll have on the blog or tell us about it in the comment section so can all cheer you on.

Here’s the schedule for the link ups.
July 15th-Show us your project
July 22nd-Show us your progress
July 29th-Show us how far you got

I know two weeks is a short time but sometimes two weeks is all a project needs to get us motivated to work towards a finish.  Remember..stop back Wednesday and show us what you’re working on.

7 thoughts on “Show and Tell Challenge”

  1. I’m in! I’ve got a Strip Twist that I started a few months ago! I don’t have a blog, but do you think I could post a picture on the facebook post?

  2. Webbing together Grand Illusion to bring for Show and Tell. Pretty sure I won’t get it quilted by then but at least I want to have the top. If I don’t my back-up will be to bring Celtic Solstice.

  3. Well I am working on the tumbler blocs that Bonnie doing now. I am doing one 2 1/2 blocks and a 6 1/2 block. I love working on the tumbler blocks. I have made two 6 1/2 in block quilts and a 10 inch tumbler quilts. Not your normal Bonnie Hunter quilts but it is a pattern I can do.

  4. lorene holbrook

    oh my! so many things to work on, so many choices!!!! I am a little behind with bonnie’s leader and enders challenges. but then I started a year or two later! I am doing the little bow ties. I think I have 250. I will count to make sure. I would like to get a lot more finished in these next 2 weeks!

  5. I have Fair and Square ready to quilt and bind. . . think I might have to fix a string block or two first. Oh! Or Tumalo Trail or Zuckerwatte or . . . . oh my! Bonnie UFO’s are abundant around here. . .also have to finish picking and cutting fabric for the retreat!

  6. Well darn, This weekend I just finished my Strip Twist quilt that I started a couple of years ago when Bonnie Hunter was in Abilene TX and I took her class. I wanted to get it finished for the retreat for show and tell. Oh well, at least it’s finished!

  7. I am in!! Blue Ridge Beauty! 27 four patches and 264 twosies and 3 pieces to unsew! ha
    I have a ways to go!! Just ironed and counted everything. At break today I will do my unsewing……tonight I judge at the county fair! So tomorrow after work I have to start cutting strips…as I need more than a few, this step will take a bit. See everyone at the retreat!!!

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