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Did you see that we put out a challenge on Monday?  We’re calling it the Show and Tell Challenge.

At the end of the month we are hosting a retreat and the one and only Bonnie Hunter will be there.  Of course there will be show and tell so Kelli and I wanted to have something new to share.  I decided to work on getting my Spoolin’ Around quilt finished.  I already had the top completed…

Since Monday I got it ironed, got a backing made and got it all loaded on the frame.


I am super happy with the progress as I’ve managed to get some progress on a couple other projects too!

So how about you?  Did you find a project that you want to work and share about?

Here’s the schedule for the link ups.
July 15th-Show us your project
July 22nd-Show us your progress
July 29th-Show us how far you got

We are applauding any progress so don’t feel like you have to finish something.   For Kelli and I both we are so close to finishing that we really want to completely finish the projects…you can make your own goal whatever you want it to be…maybe you’re a retreater and you simply want to get your fabric packed and ready to go…Maybe you’re someone who has already seen Bonnie and want to just get the project you started in class out and going on it again….Maybe you are a reader who just needs a little summer time push to squeeze in more sewing time.

So here’s the linky…Link up and show us what your focus project is for the rest of the month.

If you aren’t a blogger there are other ways to share.  You can post your project on our Facebook page.  You can write about it in the comment section even linking to a Flickr or Pinterest picture.  You can send a photo to my email and I’ll load it here.  We want everyone to feel included.

7 thoughts on “Show and Tell Challenge Sign In”

  1. Working on tumbler blocks. I did a lot of frog stitching today. Too much talking and not watching how I grabbed two tumblers,They are easy to mess up with, but I do love to make them.

  2. Squared-up 150 squares for the start of a Jakob’s Ladder quilt. Now for the four patches. Bonnie Hunter had visited our guild, but it was before I joined. Lucky you.

  3. AWK! It is in 2 weeks. . . I leave in two weeks to see you and sew (can you believe it has been five years since we met???). Your patterns are all cut and ready to sew! However, for the first time in a long time, I am STUMPED on fabrics for Bonnie’s 2 quilts. My mom and I challenged each other to use stash. . .. so, my big project is to pick and cut fabric. My secondary challenge is to quilt and bind Fair and Square which has been a top for two years??? GOOD GRIEF. . .I am going to just make progress in general! Off to the basement now.

  4. OMGosh… like Nell said “AWK! It is in 2 weeks”!!!! I have so much to get done getting ready to come see you and Kelli and Bonnie. But I also have a Bonnie Hunter Strip Twist quilt in Christmas fabrics I want to have done for THIS Christmas. Maybe I should bring it as a Leader Ender project during the retreat; I don’t think I have that many more strips to sew together in pairs or 4-strip units and then I could move it into LE time. OK… I’ve talked myself into it. I’m going to make progress on my Christmas Strip Twist quilt.

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