Show and Tell Challenge

It’s that time of the week again..Time for the Show and Tell Challenge.  If you don’t know about it follow this link back to the first posting about it.

I don’t have lots of progress on my quilt.  It’s still on the frame and I’m still quilting it.  I managed to burn through about five bobbins last night.  I am hoping more tonight.  I want to get it done.  Oh why oh why can’t there be a day off in the middle of the week??

Diane sent be a picture of what she’s working on….  It looks like Bonnie Hunter’s Criss Cross Applesauce on the top and Grand Illusion (I think) on the bottom.  They look awesome so far.

Now it’s your turn to share where you’re at in the challenge.

If you don’t have a blog feel free to tell us what you’re working on in the comments or on our Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Show and Tell Challenge”

  1. Fabric for Midnight Flight located and the 2.5 x 4.5 bricks for the wing pieces cut. I still do not have a firm grasp of fabric for Kiss in the Corner. I have also made another 8 Tumalo Trail blocks while trying to get some customer/commissioned quilts out the door before my trip to Iowa. I will email you a photo of my fabric. . .all came from scraps of a friend! :)
    ONE week! YAHOOO!

  2. I did buy the background fabric for the pattern. Didn’t get the stripe cut up like yet like I meant to. Still hoping to get the top put together by next week but we’ll see.

  3. I’ve gotten my strip sets sewn and matched up for my Christmas Strip Twist. If I can stay awake and moving I should get them cut tonight to use as leaders and enders while in Iowa. Still need to iron and cut my fabrics for Midnight Flight and Mayflowers. And I need to debone shirts for Kiss in the Corner strips.

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