Shoulder Update and Friday Happenings

Last week I FINALLY heard back from my orthopedic doctor about my shoulder.  Word was that the powers that be decided that I would be a good candidate for a cortisone injection.  Did I want it?  YES!  I was ready to try anything to get this shoulder into a better working order.  I have been struggling with this for so long.  It was time for some action.

Wednesday was my appointment day.

Gundersen Decorah Clinic

For this they needed to do an ultrasound guided injection.  They ended up sending to me to the wrong waiting room and to make a long story short, I waited 45 minutes to be seen.  The nurse apologized and I told her, “I have been waiting for and struggling with this for 9 months.  Waiting 45 minutes really wasn’t a big deal.

During the wait Kalissa, who was at my house taking care of the childcare kids, sent me a picture of the childcare kids…the house was a HUGE mess.  She also sent a message asking if Carver was the naughtiest kid at childcare.  I said YES.  He is.

Before she did the injection she did an ultrasound and from what she could see, she said she was very hopeful that this would be successful.  That made me hopeful.

Then I got all the precautions…
Possible allergic reactions
pain and tenderness over the next 24 hours
The results of the injection  won’t be know for 3-5 days
This could be a permanent fix
This could be a temporary fix

At this point I didn’t care about any of that.  I was more than willing to give it all a shot (pun intended)

The procedure wasn’t terrible.  I’d be lying if I said it was pain free but it was completely tolerable.

Image result for ultrasound guided cortisone injection shoulder

I came home and wasn’t very happy.  My arm was in a lot of pain.  For a minute I was mad at myself for having it done.  I was trying to take care of the childcare kids but was in a lot of pain and discomfort.  Picking them up and changing diapers was hard but I took some tylenol and powered through.  After the kids left I took a pain killer and settled in for a laid back evening.

I woke on Thursday and felt much better.  Only a bit of pain here and there….very tolerable and as far as my shoulder goes, I’m in the least pain I’ve been in for nine months!  I am very hopeful.  I’m not jumping up and down yet but I’m starting to think about it.  If this ends up working I am going to be one very happy girl.  So fingers crossed, prayers said…we’ll see what the next couple days bring.

But I’m not just going to sit around and wait to see if it’s going to get better or not.  Regardless of the results, I have a life to live.

This is what I wrote on my note board for the childcare parents at the beginning of the week….Elton-John you read this Kelli and I are heading out to see Elton John.  I am so excited!  I have long loved Elton John.  I play his greatest hits album ALL OF THE TIME.  He’s going to be in Moline which isn’t terribly far from here.

Plans are to hit up a couple quilt shops along the way and make an easy fun trip of it….I’m sure some iced coffee from McDonalds will be in the plans as well.  We’re staying overnight and then heading back to through Cedar Rapids on the way home to have lunch with Buck and hopefully Lora too.  I’m excited!!  I’ll tell you all about it next week!!

14 thoughts on “Shoulder Update and Friday Happenings”

  1. Happy to read something was finally done for your bad shoulder. Fingers crossed that will be all you need! Well Jo I’m envious that you will attend Elton John concert! Enjoy! I’m eager to hear all about!

  2. I’m so happy to hear you are feeling less pain after your shoulder injection. I am totally amazed you could pick up kids, change diapers, etc. with your shoulder hurting so much. “Old Arthur” visits my shoulders once in a while, but it can’t be nearly what you have been going through. Prayers that this injection will be permanent! Oh, I just had to laugh about your answer to Kelli about Carver being the naughtiest kid in child care; thank you for my smile of the day; he is such a cutie! Enjoy your Elton John concert! On my bucket list to see is Engelbert Humperdinck (telling my age here, ha ha) Twice my late husband and I bought tickets to see him, both times no luck; the first time, he cancelled his show because of a sore throat, and the next time there was a severe snow storm here in Oregon and we could not travel to see him.

  3. Have a blast this weekend! I was just looking in awe at the wonderfully clear instructions for the beautiful ‘Chocolate Covered Cherries’ quilt! You and Kelli are great!! Thank you very much for sharing the pattern with us. -Jean

  4. you will love Elton John’s show – I saw one of his show’s years ago in Little Rock – it was a dual show with Billy Joel – they had the piano’s back to back and it was amazing they did separate shows then one together – loved it.

  5. How wonderful to hear that your shoulder problem could be fixed. Sounds like you have a wonderful week end planned with Sir Elton, quilt shops and sharing it with Kelli plus being able to see Buck and Lori, Woohoo!! Have a grand time, looking forward to hearing about it

  6. I love your gracious response to the 45 minute wait time at the doctor’s office! A positive attitude goes so much further than anger and frustration, right! We can all learn from your example, Jo…

  7. Jo, I LOVE your attitude–“Regardless of the results, I have a life to live!” You do, we all do. We just have to make the decision to live it, even if it’s only an hour at a time. Life is too precious to waste. Thanks for that timely reminder. Enjoy the concert and the getaway!!!

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