Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I’ve heard so much buzz in the cross-stitch world about the #NYE12x12.  This was put together as a fun event for cross-stitchers.  What happens is tomorrow on New Year’s Eve day, you either pull 12 WIPS (Works in Progress) or you start 12 new projects.  Technically you’re supposed to start at noon and pick up a new project every hour until midnight.

Hmm.  It sounded intriguing but I found it hard to participate.  I don’t have 12 WIPS or UFOs.  I don’t have 12 things completely kitted.  So what’s a girl to do?

My daughter Kelli said to me, “Mom, how about you pick six WIPS and six new projects?”  Hmm.  That might be an option.  I likely have six projects completely kitted up.  I could do that.

I went so far as I made a list…
For my new starts, I put on the list:

Thou He Seemeth Sleeping by Lucy Beam.  I already have this listed as my start once I finish The Apostle’s Creed.  I want to stitch a row a week as I have been with The Apostle’s Creed.

This picture is terrible… It’s the actual antique shown.  I’ve seen this stitched and it’s awesome.

Kathy Barrick’s Good Intentions.  I had planned to stitch this last year but it got misplaced.  When I found it I was so frustrated with myself as I didn’t get it stitched.
This is high on my list to stitch this year.

Blackbird Designs Strawberries from the book In Friendship’s Way.  I’ve been wanting to make these for my mom, me, and my girls.  This is the book…

These are the strawberries.

There happen to be five strawberries in the book so it’s perfect.  They are quick simple stitches.

Black Dog Sampler from The Scarlett House which I was going to start on the 1st.

Blackbird Designs Birds of a Feather which I was going to start on the 1st too.

Maker and Mender by Brenda Gervais of With They Needle and Thread which I really want to start.  I showed you this as something I got for my birthday.  I got the floss right away and Kelli and I both ordered the called-for linen for it.  As far as I knew, the linen hadn’t arrived yet.  Soon I hope!

All of what I showed you are the “next pieces” I want to stitch so I don’t feel bad about jumping in and joining…but once I list my UFOs and WIPS, I feel bad about starting new projects.  I’m a gal that has quite a few sewing UFOs and I know how overwhelming that can become so do I really want cross-stitch UFOs?

Here is what I have that I am either currently working on or started.

We Live in Hope by Blackbird Designs.  I am actively working on that right now.

Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs.  I only have a small start on that.

Apostle’s Creed by Heartstring Samplery.  I am actively working on this.

Come to the Garden by Teresa Kogut.  I have a lot done on this but got the bug to really work on We Live in Hope so this is temporarily set aside.

I’m guessing I’ll pick this up in the spring and then hit it hard until I’m finished.

A Savior’s Praise by Shakespeare’s Peddlar.  I started this one Good Friday with Judy at Patchwork Times…I didn’t latch on to it so it’s only a small start.  I love this piece.  I need to get over the vine border and then I’ll be okay.  I hate stitching the inconsistency in this border but love the look of it.

Consider the Lillies by Heartstring Samplery.  This is an epic project that I started with my daughter Kayla.  I need to find some sort of goal to work on this more often…even if it’s only a motif or two a month.  It will never get done as is.

Many people use this as a Sunday stitch and stitch on it only on Sundays.  Maybe I could do that.

When I was pulling those out to grab some pictures I realized I still have this that I want to finish.

I still have the Spring and Summer pillows I want to finish.

UGH.  That sits me at 14 things…ugh.  Do I pick and pull for my 12X12 or do I just leave it and work on things as I typically do?  Hmm.

The 12X12 does sound fun…I think I’ll just think about it a little more.  I do have until tomorrow at noon before I’d have to start.  HA!!  I’m such a spur-of-the-moment girl.  I might jump in or I might do something completely different or I might just head to the sewing room.  You just never know.

28 thoughts on “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”

  1. Sounds like fun if you think you could commit to it.

    I’ve been working on a single cross-stitch project for over a year and have several quilting WIPs besides all my other craft projects and the garden to tend to. I’m vowing to cut back this year and enjoy time with my daughter as I don’t want to suddenly realize she’s all grown up and I was too busy to notice.

    1. You are right, they are not little long. I didn’t do alot of stitching when my boys were young, except I did some early morning stitching after I got them off to school. Enjoy every day. Carrie

  2. 12 quilting ufos is one thing….or should I say 12 quilts kits to start or started. But cross-stitch is a while different thing! Like someone said you do you!

  3. In my world I would not want 12 piddly starts. I’m more of a monogamous stitcher, although I will start a 2nd project if I need it for a gift (usually a small). I would get stressed to have that much on my plate at one time. I vote that you try to get a finish on one project that you’re already working on, then you’ll be all set to do your new starts on Jan 1st. If not that, start the strawberries, that’s 5 smaller starts. :)

    1. Hopefully you have motivated me to finish some of my cross stitch projects. I really got into buying cross stitch projects during the pandemic and hadn’t cross stitched in over 20 years. I have several started by no finishes. So maybe I will try to finish one quilt WIP one month and one cross stitch WIP the next month. At least it’s a goal!!!

      Debbie In Iowa

  4. I love the patterns you have picked, so pretty. I don’t know if I would want the pressure of having a large number of items to work on. You do have a great plan for each of your projects so this would probably work for you. Your work is so lovely, I enjoy seeing everything you have going. Wishing you a very Happy new year. Thank you for your never ending talent, it is so much appreciated. Pamela/PA

  5. I am doing 6 WIPs and 6 new starts. I don’t have everything finalized but I should be ready by tomorrow. I put my husband on notice that he and our adult son will be ordering pizza tomorrow which is fine by them. :)

    1. I may need to do that too, Cindy. In addition to lots of WIPs, I have many quilt projects waiting to be started. 6 and 6 sounds like a good goal.

  6. While I don’t cross stitch any longer, I do have a lot of organizing I need to do in my sewing room. I know I have 12 quilting WIPs I could write down. My husband and I are spending four weeks in Phoenix in January. My intention i to come home and start organizing. Yes, I take my seewing machine with me. I have a baby quilt and a car seat quilt I’m going to make for my nephew and his wife who are having their first baby. My sister is elated to finally get to be a grandma.

    Hey, Jo, I made your snickerdoodles today. I’m taking them and some chocolate chip to the staff at my mom’s assisted living. They take such good care of her. Happy New Year!

  7. I have two questions about The Apostle’s Creed. What count linen are you using and how many threads are you using? I have started it and I’m not sure I like the coverage. Thanks!

    1. I am going it on 40 count linen Thornfield by Needle and Flax. I am stitching with one thread over two. I changed the color of the lettering to Trail Dust as I didn’t like the gold color. I wasn’t showing on my linen.

  8. Everyone needs to find a tradition that works for them. I start and finish a small project (usually a Christmas ornament) on New Year’s Day. So no matter what happens during the year, I feel I got off to a good start with a finished project. If I’m not successful, I commit to stitch only on the project until it’s complete. This has worked for me for quite a long time. So find what works for you. Happy 2023!

  9. Interesting – I’ve heard of this but never participated in it. I kind of always went my own way.
    I may do it this year – I definitely have 6 WIPs that need to be finished – you know the ones – the smalls that you do but never frame or finish. I have those. ;-)
    But starting 6 new ones? Hmmmm – they’d probably end up as WIPs for next year! LOL!
    Love and prayers

  10. I think 12 x 12 would be fun. I could easily find 12 UFO’s!! or WIP’s. I don’t think I would want to deliberately start 12 (or even one) new thing knowingly creating one more WIP/UFO. It’s not like you stitch a solid hour for 12 hours. Just pick up where you left off on a piece, finish the thread that’s in the needle or finish one motif or one row. Put it away and wait for the next hour to roll around and repeat w/the next project. What ever you choose to do, enjoy and Happy New Year!

  11. You probably already know what you’re going to do but since you asked….I suggest doing 12 of your WIPs today. If you spend an hour on each one, I think you will feel so good about it and may find that you fall in love all over again. And…if that doesn’t work, tomorrow is another day:-)

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  13. Waw, what an amont of projects, I am spending the winter in MALAGA , Andalousia and with the lovely sunshine I hardly get to finish my 36 hankerchief progect, so all my best wishes for this beautifull year we will enjoy from tonicité onwards.

  14. You inspired me to order the Consider the Lilies pattern…on such a large piece, what size hoop do you use? Thanks!

  15. we saw a documentary about the Hmong women doing their cross-stitching a few days ago that made me think about and wonder whether you have tried anything like they were doing. apparently, it is becoming a lost art among their young women, they seem to be settled mainly in Minnesota.

  16. I’m traveling with my DD and her family from CA to TX and back on a road trip so no new years day starts for me. DD finished a large cross stitched piece last year by dividing the chart into 9 sections and completing a section each month. She realized she wasn’t going to be able to work on the project in July due to travel. I suggested she outline parts of the following month’s area as she can do fill-in work in the car and then she went back and completed the more detailed areas when they returned home. By doing this she was able to complete the project by the end of September as she had planned. And that allowed her time to work on all of her other CS projects throughout the year.

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