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On Saturday Kelli and I went to Waterloo.  We can’t resist thrift stores so found ourselves in Stuff, Etc.  We like going as they typically have two things we love…furniture to chalk paint and old sewing machines.  Let me tell you…shopping with Kelli is a hoot-unless she’s on a mission to find something then it’s torture.  I turned around when she called to see this!!

Cute right.  She was imitating the dog statue that she found.


I wanted this cute little retro chair for the new house until Kelli said, “Mom, you’d have to reupholster it and where would you put it.”  Ugh…she’s right.


I really wanted this wooden doll house furniture until Kelli said, “Mom, you don’t have grand kids.  The soonest that would get used is 6 years if someone was pregnant”.  Ugh.  She’s right.


I wanted to get this until she said, “Mom we can’t get the machine to even lift out.  You don’t need something else dad has to fix.”  Ugh…she’s right.


Then I was a little sad as I couldn’t buy anything I liked.  Then Kelli said, “Hey Mom…I think I’ll buy this”.  Then I said, “No Kelli, you don’t have room for more cookie jars.”  HA!!  I got her back.

Honestly…it is fun shopping with Kelli.  We keep an eye out for each other’s wallets-in a good way.

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  1. I lost my breath when I saw the sewing machine! How much were they asking for it? I think I would have paid and snuck out with it while Kelli wasn’t looking. Ha! Love to read your blog and see the animals.

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