Shopping the “Old Fashion” Way

Yesterday I helped Kayla move…which turned out to be a tour of Iowa.  To Ames, to Dubuque, and then home….I was pooped.  On our adventure we stopped at the Amish General Store near Hazelton.  When we were there I got a few sewing supplies.


I love shopping there.  Sewing needles were $1.15, machine needles $2.00 and the rotary cutter, $9.70.  I debated about the rotary cutter.  I knew I would be needing one sometime in the future as I keep having to tighten the screw on the one I have now.  I ended up purchasing it.

Later in Ames I stopped at JoAnn’s to get a quilt batting.  As I was heading towards the check out I saw rotary cutters.  They had my EXACT cutter that I bought for $27.00!  WOW!!

I love getting a good deal…

8 thoughts on “Shopping the “Old Fashion” Way”

  1. Shopping the “old fashioned way” is one of my favorite ways to shop. The one I go to is hidden away. But it has a little bit of everything. From the coverall’s, socks and boots, to yarn, thread, batting, fabric…. Oh how the list goes on.
    I love it all! Especially when I get to go back again. Good thing the boys eat like crazy lately so I have plenty of need to go to the country grocery nearby. Between them all I’m broke.

  2. a couple times a year my friend and i go to the amish community near arthur, illinois, two and a half hours away and shop at their stores. i just love going in them because the things they sell are ‘real’ and ‘practical’. does that make sense? oh, and i use the same hand quilting needles you do! they really are the best! :)

  3. If your current rotary cutter is a Fiskars (the one you have to keep tightening the screw on), go to the Fiskars website and submit the information. I had the same problem with one I had and, after emailing them a photo to prove I had one, they mailed me a new one. They’re great about honoring their lifetime warranty.

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