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I do like to shop local when I can but sometimes, it just doesn’t work out in our rural area with a road trip of 20-30 minutes to get to town.  Here are typical scenarios….

We go to the store and they tell us that they can order the item we are looking for and it will be here next week.  We can drive back and get it.  No thanks.  I can order it myself and it will be here it two days.  They often don’t have the item.  Repair stores often charge us quadruple the price for a replacement part….and sometimes, there just isn’t friendly service.

If items are in stock…if I get friendly service….if prices are remotely similar, I shop local.  The place I almost never shop at anymore is the towns that are 60 miles away…towns that are big enough to have a mall.

Hubby and I had a wonderful local experience the other day that I want to share.

When our daughter Kayla got married in 2012 Hubby bought me a pearl necklace and earrings set.  I was so impressed.  He’s not a jewelry guy at all and not a sentimental guy but he did this all on his own.  I was VERY impressed.  He picked out exactly something I’d like too.  Something simple and classic.


Well I wear the set often as it really is my only good jewelry.  I wore it to each of the kids’ weddings and should Karl ever get married, I’ll wear it to his too.

At Thanksgiving I wore the earrings to his sister’s house….driving home I realized one of the pearls was gone.  I was sad.

I don’t get to Cresco often but vowed when I did I was going to try to take the earring back  to Holstrom’s  and see about a repair.  Well Hubby surprised me yet again.  He took them in without me knowing.  Then he gave them to me for Christmas.  He wrapped them himself.  I so wish I would have gotten a picture of the box.  I was presented with a big box wrapped in resin paper..taped with duct tape. (yep he’s a redneck)  I opened the box.  Inside were a whole bunch of 2 x 4 pieces of lumber.  I was excited because I thought he made blocks for the childcare kiddos…nope.  Under the blocks were two coffee cans.  I don’t drink coffee so was surprised.  He said open the cans.  I did.  One was empty and one had miscellaneous nuts and bolts in it.  I grabbed another piece of wood out…then looked inside the box.  There was my jeweler’s box…in it, my repaired earrings.

He took them back…they gave him a new set.  No charge…no questions asked…no receipt needed.  That was AMAZING service.  Sadly we aren’t big jewelry buyers but should we ever need jewelry again, I know exactly where we are going…Holstrom’s in Cresco, Iowa.

6 thoughts on “Shopping Local”

  1. What a great story. Well done to your husband for thinking of you in this way and well done to the jeweller’s. And through their kindness to you, hopefully they will get more business from your recounting the story. We have a saying in England that if you have bad service that disappointed person tells 7 people about their bad deal. Those 7 people each tell another 7. So one poor transaction looses a lot of new business. I hope this works in reverse for your Jeweller’s.

  2. Holstrom’s is an awesome place! I worked there 40 years ago (yikes) for the elderly previous owners and worked for Jim and Sue’s parents when they bought it. They are so nice and very helpful. I think even if you hadn’t bought the set there – they would have helped you figure out a solution!

  3. Great story, Jo! Word of mouth is the best. Wonderful gestures by Hubby…I think he’s a keeper. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  4. I live in a small town and understand completely. Great service anywhere goes a LONG way with me as well. Kuddo’s to the thoughtful husband!! Happy new year!

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