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Last week I told you that I am so lucky to have two nice quilt shops in the neighboring town.  Rarely can anyone boast that.  Even more amazing, the two shops are kiddy-corner across the street from each other.  This makes it wonderful and easy if I’m searching a perfect fabric.

Each of the shops have qualities and characteristics that make each their own special store.  Customer service is something they are both good at and I think that’s what keeps them both in business.

This is Material Magic on Main Street in New Hampton, Iowa.  The shop is run by three sisters.  All of them appreciate the farm life so lots of their store features farm related things…that’s one of the reasons I enjoy their shop.


They feature lots of panels.  They do a great job with them too.  I love the one on the left that has a cut a panel…so cute.


There is lots and lots of bolts of fabric to choose from.  Wanting to make a black and white quilt?  They have what you need!


Here’s a fun New Holland tractor panel….There are a couple New Holland tractors at the farm where Hubby works.


Growing up, my Dad was a Allis Chalmers tractor man.  There were a couple tractors on the panel that my Dad owned.  If he was alive, I’d have likely made him something with the panel.


As I said, each of the quilt shops in New Hampton have different features.  Need felt?  They have it at Material Magic.


Need embroidery floss?  They have that too.


The ladies also do long arm quilting for customers.  They do a nice job.  Long ago, I had two quilts done there….back before I had my own machine.


Remember that bargello that Hubby loved that I have no desire to make?  They have it here too.


The gals make lots of super cute finished projects.  So, if you need a gift, they have something….it’s all reasonably priced too!  These Valentines ones are so cute.


They have lots of sewing supplies.  Need to repair a zipper?  They have what you need.


But…my very favorite thing in all of the store is this section…..The baby and novelty prints.

If it’s farm related….THEY HAVE IT!   The farm girl, and grandma in me, wants it all!


The cutest baby prints can be found here.  I hadn’t been in for awhile and was in a hurry when I was in.  I can see a couple prints in the stack that I want so next time I’m in town, I’m checking it out again!


So what did I come home with?….farm print fabrics and fire truck fabrics.  I loved them all.  I’m thinking at some point Carver is going to need another quilt or at least pillow case.  Right??


Here’s one I fell in love with….I bet you all will too.  Check out this fabric with the sewing things on it.  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!!  I have no idea what I”m doing with it but I bought a couple yards.  Sometime, someday, I’ll have the perfect idea of what to do with it…for now, I’m petting it.

How lucky am I to have two nice shops just 20 minutes from my home?  Very lucky.

So that was Material Magic in New Hampton, Iowa.  As I always say when I do a quilt shop tour, I can’t answer any questions regarding things in the photos.  If you are interested in anything please contact the shop.  Material Magic has a Facebook page that you can find here.



8 thoughts on “Shop Tour: Material Magic”

  1. Colleen C. Yarnell

    Carver definitely needs more quilts!. I’ve made my 9 month old niece 5! One with bedding for the cradle at grandmas house. It goes on the floor to play on too. One nautical theme from shower when we didn’t know the sex. One with cute Halloween prints Id stashed for years and couldn’t wait to sew. I made a fun eye spy with double batting specifically for the floor. And a Christmas one with her name. I’m restricting my self for awhile. The best thing is I get pictures everyday and many have her playing on one of her quilts!

  2. Wow what a great shop and all those tractor panels were just adorable. I have liked their FB page and hope to put them on my list the next time I see my mom in Osage. I love that Debbies Quilt shop has so many farm themed fabircs but I love the panels.

  3. Jo, I am so excited by this post! I have hunted for Allis Chalmers fabric for several years now. My husband has his father’s Allis Chalmers from the farm (in-laws are now retired). I am going to contact Material Magic to purchase. Thank you!!!

  4. My dad had an Allis Chalmers too! I don’t know for sure but he never parted with it until he retired. By that time he had green ones!! I’m sure he would be amazed by today’s farming advances! A road trip into nostalgia this morning…miss him!

  5. Ellen Groenenboom

    I’m from NH and haven’t been to Material Magic in a few months, but my mom has it on our agenda for when I head home this weekend, so this post was a perfect preview of a few things to look for. I have a one year old and grew up on a farm, so I always love the child farm novelty prints as well and it looks like they have quite the selection right now. I love the blue background one you got. I’ll have to check it out!!

  6. My husband grew up on the farm but now lives in the “big city” but he couldn’t get away from his love of tractors. They had Allis Chalmers also – his uncle had a dealership. He is now the proud owner of a 1961 D15 that he uses to plow snow. I’m sure some of the neighbors roll their eyes at a tractor in the city, until he plows their driveway!! I have been on the look out for Allis fabric too. Thanks for sharing.

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