Shop Hop

Last Saturday my daughter Kelli and I went on the area shop hop. 
We went to Yellow Bird Art Quilt Shop  in Lansing, Iowa.  It’s a featured top ten quilt shop.

The shop features everything you would want to make a modern looking quilt.  The fabric is bright and vibrant and the shop has a clean open look. 

Next we went on to Forest Mill Quilt Shop in Postville.  I loved the shop!  It’s a very quaint and relaxing atmosphere that features lots of Civil War reproduction fabrics.  I bought a couple charm packs and Crabapple Hill”s Over the River and Through the Woods pattern. The pattern has lots of embroidery which I love….I had seen the pattern before but never done in colors other than the pattern cover showed. 

Our next stop was The BackStitch in Elkader Iowa.  The shop is very nice but I was more impressed with the cross stitch than I was the quilting items.  I haven’t cross stitched in years but remarkably I purchase something to cross stitch.  I had more or less given up cross stitching because my eyes just don’t see that well.   While we were in the store, I had to laugh because the shop owner was wearing bifocal glasses and reading glasses on too!  I guess if she can do it, I can too!  Now I am on the hunt for some funky reading glasses…the kind with the quilt patterns on the edge.  My family will just love that look…not!

By then we had used up all the time we had and were not able to make it to the rest of the shops in the hop….maybe next time.  That’s okay….we had used up all our money anyway.

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