Shirt Mending….

I was rummaging at the local thrift store looking for cotton shirts for quilting on a $2 per bag day and came across this shirt.

I’ve been trying to spruce up my wardrobe and quit wearing things that are so plain and so predictable.  When shopping I have purposely been trying on things I don’t typically wear.  Bling and sequins are so not me…so this shirt was the perfect candidate for me to wear to get out of my plain and predictable phase.

I put the shirt in the bag and brought it home.  I was showing my daughter Kalissa and she said, “Bling…really?  Where is my mother?  She doesn’t wear bling.”  Then I tried it on and she liked it.  That’s when we realized a button was missing.  No wonder the person gave the shirt away.

I looked in the extra buttons…shucks.  After a little assessment, I thought I could make it work.  I took a scissor and cut off the lowest button loop.

I took the corresponding button off and sewed it into the spot where the missing button was.

The shirt was originally suppose to have four buttons.  Now that I removed the bottom button and loop, it only has three…no big deal at all.  While I was working on the shirt, I realized that button number one was ready to fall off too so I resewed it on as well.  The whole mending job took five minutes.

All in all….it’s a good addition to my cheapskate wardrobe.  Total cost of the shirt… 20 cents!  It always amazes me when people give away clothing because they don’t know how to mend.  I guess their loss is my gain.

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  1. Good for you – I have found a few things at the local thrift shop to add to my wardrobe though I usually go there for the grand kids. And maybe a shirt or two for a quilt! ;-)

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